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  • Charlotte's Web of Everything - Keeps eye shadow in place all night

    Eyeshadow stays put when you use this, plus the colors are the same as in the palette. BUT only if you are using quality eye shadow. And if your buying this, Im pretty sure your splurging for Urban Decay or the likes of.......I work 12 hour shifts as a nurse, and it is a pleasant surprise to see my makeup looking fresh after my shift. I don't look fresh, but my eye shadow is!

  • Waters - cute and great

    My phone often no electricity, not easy to go out charging, see the mobile charge to keep my cell phone at full power at all times

  • Jesse - Went back to the Deathadder

    Decent mouse but its no Deathadder. Used for 2 weeks, they say the build quality has improved but its still not on par with the bigger brands. The side buttons look like their from a modeling kit the rubber top began showing signs of wear after the first day. Coming from a Corsair m90 that I had been accused of hacking with in many fps games to the Razer Deathadders sensor was a huge difference. From Deathadder to Final mouse I wasn't impressed the sensor may be as good as the Deathadder Chroma's but no better. Returned it due to the poor quality and that I already had the Deathadder Chroma which in this case is far superior. I bought into the hype make an educated decision don't be sheep.

  • Eric - The GFCI outlet (Right next to the kitchen sink) was testing fine with it's own internal test button

    Exactly as advertised, helped me trace down a faulty GFCI. The GFCI outlet (Right next to the kitchen sink) was testing fine with it's own internal test button. A home inspector stated that the outlet was bad, I contested because it was testing fine! This showed that it was faulty. I now use this tester at least quarterly to check for faulty GFCIs. Better to use this and save yourself, than rely on the outlet alone.

  • Jcooper90 - While it works - Its good

    I had this just over a year - used it maybe 10-12 times.....When it works, it works great - makes room temp beer cold in only a few min...

  • Pinkybee - Hated it.

    Some great songs, but the routines are really not dancing. Tetris is a waste of space, again not dancing. And whose idea was it to have a silhouetted dancer to follow that is too shadowed to accurately follow. Some of the songs and dances are just so unbelievably asinineI If this is the new trend of just dance, I'll just pass.

  • Monti S. - great for school loads,booksssss, assignments etc.

    Heavy duty, great color, sturdy, loads of room for lots of good stuff. My grand-daughter has her phone, ipod, a thousand pens, and a few text books/note books and other things I am not to know about all jammed together in one very strong backpack. It is working out very well.