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  • Richard Krosin - Unable to highlight any text for selection/copy/cut/etc.

    Talk about pure, unadulterated frustration folks. I purchased this program to my brand new Lenovo Yoga laptop. Never really had any issues with Microsoft Office in the past. Download installation went fine. I pull up any of the Microsoft office suite programs and low & behold, WHEN YOU TRY TO SELECT TEXT IN ANY OF THE OFFICE SUITE PROGRAMS TO CUT/COPY IT WILL NOT HIGHLIGHT. I'm still able to highlight/select text in any other program, however. I did try reinstalling the program to see if that would fix the bug. After about 5 hours on the phone with Microsoft & Lenovo, making adjustments to seemingly every possible option to resolve the problem, nothing came from it. When talking to Microsoft, I'm informed that I can only try to resolve the issue by talking to one of their "Level 2" technicians, which woul involve buying their $150/year technical support upgrade. So, now I'm in a situation where I could potentially pay more money to resolve a highlighting issue than the actual cost of the program itself! I'm not sure whether this is a compatibility issue with the Lenovo, but it's certainly frustrating that such a major issue would rear its head from the very outset of installing the program.

  • Mardee - Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil Softgels

    Sooo much better than the bottled oil. These are easy to swallow and there is no foul taste associated with them. The bottled oil is virtually unpalatable. Hope this helps!

  • Amazon Customer - Have you MasterBrained yet?!

    I've had issues with my focus and short-term memory for a while. I started taking MasterBrain little over a week ago and I have noticed and improvement and that I'm not as scatter brained. I'm more focused, my thoughts are clearer, my memory is sharper and I am more aware of things around me.

  • Ryan B - Fantastic Product for Sensitive Skin

    I have incredibly sensitive skin and have tried dozens of creams and soaps without success until this one was discovered. Now I never deviate away from this. I highly recommend. You buy the pre-shave oil from AOS to accompany this for that smooth glide. These two products accompanied by a high quality straight razor is expensive initially but the cream and oil last an incredibly long time because you use about a dime size portion each day. You will save money over time and avoid the bumps all together. (Hydrocortisone is also helpful after you complete your shave I have found).

  • Luke20333 - Same content, different title.

    The sole reason I purchased this book was to get more practice tests. The tests are identical to the 2012 version. So if you have the 2011 version of this book, no need to get this one. (Unless you are new to Kaplan's series)