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  • Christine A. Rumney - Wish I had taken pictures as he progress is amazing and a true testament of how well this treatment ...

    My boyfriend has suffered from nail fungus for decades and had tried many different topical treatments. 11 months ago I bought him Kerasal nail which we have been applying to his toes daily, although he has missed a day here and there. In addition we have applied tea tree oil occassionally which really has accelerated his progress. His toenails are no longer thick and yellow and appear to be almost normal. We recently realized that treating his toes but not his shoes may have slowed down his healing so have been spraying his shoes with anti-fungal spray as well. Wish I had taken pictures as he progress is amazing and a true testament of how well this treatment does work.


    I am also writing a review directly on the Sklz page since this is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! this product is a TOY and should not be listed anywhere in sports or as a training aid.... unless you are ok using only wiffle balls... and still they wouldn't go higher than 12 ft... soft toss w regulation balls... this is a joke! in the highest setting with the hardest resistant on the spring that activates the catapult will not toss the ball higher than 2 feet!! maybe it could be a training aid for a kid going from T-Ball to Coach's pitch.. but that's it... now regarding price-value, this item should cost no more than $25...

  • Ben A. Freeman - ITS WORSE THAN BEFORE!!!


  • S. Johnson - Delivery and setup are terrible

    We paid extra to have the machine delivered and assembled, since we planned to put it in the basement. But the machine was fully assembled by the delivery company before it was delivered - there was no way to get into the house, let alone the basement. We were then told by the delivery company that Sole Fitness requires all of its elliptical machines to be assembled prior to delivery, "to minimize the inconvenience to customers of having to wait for the machine to be assembled in their home." Apparently no one at Sole thought there might be a problem getting the machine into the house fully assembled. The machine was left in our garage, with a promise to return in the evening to take the machine apart and re-assemble it in the basement. It's now late in the evening, and no one has yet arrived. So much for minimizing inconvenience to customers. I'll provide an update later, but the fact that Sole has such an idiotic delivery policy is in itself enough to justify a one-star review of this product.

  • Addie - Love it!

    I believe this could be a life changing product for some people. If your skin or hair responds well to natural oils, it likely responds well to chlorestorol and fats. Shea butter is a fat derived from shea tree nuts in africa.