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  • Azucena P. Perez - My hairstylist (Aveda) recommended this product and I can tell you that within ...

    Due to many years of dyeing my hair and straightening, I started to see less and less hair at the temples and throughout my head. I've always had a full head of hair, lots of hair so I was traumatize to not feel the fullness of my hair anymore. I'm in my early 40s. My hairstylist (Aveda) recommended this product and I can tell you that within 1-2 months, I could see a visible difference. It's now been about 6 months and I have so much more thick hair that I don't even know what to do with it all! AMAZING results, honestly. I'm so happy. I will say that it didn't make my hair grow faster, it just allowed most of my hair follicles to actually grow more hair and it's visibly thicker. I used it at night and in the morning at first. But now, I only use it after I wash my hair (3-4 times a week) because I don't think I need it anymore but love the fullness of my mane. Give it a try, you will love it!

  • jeff1965 - My Dog could put on a better production

    My Dog could put on a better production. I could have a bunch of 8 year old kids do a better job of making a movie. 2015 s worst movie ever award should be granted to this one. only made it 23 minutes in before I gave up.

  • J. Stoltz - Perfect for my pellet rifle.

    I'm giving this 5 stars because it is super easy to use. One thing I don't like is the view finder doesn't seem real clear and hard to see with glasses. But I'm still able to get distances uphill easy and quick. Update: I took my glasses off and was able see much better! Great for getting distances for creatures in trees.

  • Larissa - Excellent Travel Stroller

    We just returned from a 3 week trip to Europe and if I weren't already married I would marry this stroller because I love it so much! Our son is 4 years old, 46 lbs and 43 inches tall and this thing performed like a champ. Going on and off trains, on airplanes, taxi's, boats etc. We would walk at least 4 miles a day over cobblestones, rocks, sand, up hills and down hills and stairs. Each day we would go to the beach we would load it down with beach equipment, pool noodles, towels, backpacks and our child and it never failed us. My 6'5" husband loved it! he never had a problem with the height and was impressed at what a beating it took and just kept on going. I would recommend this stroller as an excellent older kid stroller and travel stroller. BTW - my son never naps in strollers but he did in this one and it doesn't even have a recline. it is so light, every time aircraft crew would pick it up compared to all the other strollers, they would look at it to make sure they had all of it:) Excellent! I also have the UPPAbaby Vista for when my son was a baby and was just as impressed. I would give the UPPAbaby G-Lite ten stars if I could!!!!

  • 50HudsonCommodore - Great Machine; Lousy Customer Service & Assembly Instructions

    I recently purchased a Sole 35 elliptical trainer. It is well designed and substantially constructed. However, the assembly instructions and customer service are horrible. According to the online assembly instructions webpage, "All SOLE ellipticals are easy to assemble and can be completed with the help of the manual in about 25-35 minutes. " This statement is only true when two experienced people are assembling the machine. It took me 2 hours to unpack the machine and move the various parts 20 feet from my front door to the place in my living room where I will use it. It then took me another 2 hours trying to make enough sense of the instruction manual to mis-assemble the machine. The assembly diagrams are some of the worst and least accurate that I have ever seen. The instructions that accompany the diagrams are also incorrect in many places. The company not only uses "cut and paste" from a variety of documents for their instructions, but they also use a generic console that has connections for cables that don't exist. They include diagrams of holes for bolts that don't exist and they don't include instructions for connecting some cables that do exist. I tried to call for customer service, but no one answers the phone before 9 am MST, after 5 pm MST or on weekends. So I was stuck with an answering machine. I left 2 messages for customer service over 2 days, but apparently customer service to Sole means sales management and the sales manager didn't call back, nor did he direct the call to someone in the company who was responsible for customer service. On the third day, I spoke with a person in the warranty department who explained how the machine is actually put together and who agreed that the manual is a piece of garbage. On the fourth day, my son and I were finally able to assemble the machine in about 35 minutes, but we had the benefit of me spending several hours mis-assembling and dis-assembling it and my telephone conversation with the person in the warranty department. The online assembly instruction also state, "An Allen Wrench is included to assist you and a screwdriver is the only other tool necessary. " This is totally false. There is no Allen Wrench and none is needed. What is needed is a 14 mm socket wrench, a 12 mm and 14 mm open end wrench and a Phillips head screwdriver. The nuts and bolts are nicely blister packed. Overall, I think it is a great machine with lousy assembly instructions and unbelievably bad customer service.

  • Gonzo - Too strong for grown-up pranks

    Some of my employees forget to take the trash out of patient rooms after the clinic closes. I thought if they found the room smelling badly a few mornings they'd be more likely to remember. Three spritzes of this in a closed trashcan and we couldn't use the room that day. Or the room next to it. I ended up having to take the trash out myself because everyone was afraid to touch it. It worked, now nobody forgets to change the trash can liners but it was horrible. As a medical professional I will state this does not smell like farts as some people say. This smells intensely like body odor and feces; in a word: ASS. Unwashed, foul, homeless-people ass. I have no idea what I can do with the rest of the bottle; I never want to smell this again.