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  • Tiniferous - A wonderful, thought provoking, stand alone novel!

    Nadia and her family live in a communist-like community. The government gives every family their rations, and different households provide different skills from their trade for the people. The difference is that every 12 years, the entire community loses their memories. Each person carries a book attached to them, so that they can write down their personal truths to read after a forgetting. This ability to wake up without anyone remembering the past seems to be a power too great for many to resist. Nadia learns at a young age that for some reason, she doesn't forget like everyone else. With that peculiar trait, she unfortunately knows and remembers a lot of the choices people made before the last forgetting. She begins to wonder if maybe there is something she can do the help the plight of her people.

  • Amelia - Fun project for kids and adults to do together

    This is a fun product for kids and adults to do together! We received this toy for free from Spinmaster and I was so excited to try it with my six year old daughter. My daughter and I had a good time making little dishes together. Messy, but very fun. We will be buying refills and doing this again.

  • Stickstone - It feels like listening to TV in a concert hall

    There's still too much of a delay for listening to the TV. It feels like listening to TV in a concert hall. :(

  • Jason H. - Succeeds at power draining!

    It is NOT suited for use on a scooter! I've tried with both the stock battery (7.5amps) and with an aftermarket (9.8amps) batteries. This unit I believe is supposed to have an auto off feature, but fails to do so. It remains on and kills the battery! As little as 24hrs your battery is about 50% and a full 48hrs about 25%, so not enough to even start a little scooter. Once I removed, it's been over 2 weeks with a full 85%+ charge!

  • Jonathan - Best purchase on Amazon

    this is legit my first review ever. I bought this box and in about 10 days 10 of my friends bought this box 5stars love it. Unfortunately I bought it before they updated the remote but I use google remote. Keep it up element!

  • Roxann - 30 ml bottle of lavender oil

    I love lavender oil and use it for many different things. The most I use it for is a mixture that I use on sore muscles and in my diffuser.

  • Jerry Blevins - Great read

    Great read easy to feel like you are in the book. The transistion from one book to next is almost seamless.