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  • Denise Frisco - I was a Quick Books user and decided to try something new.

    I actually prefer most of what this program has to offer. In a lot of ways it is much better than QB. What I do not like is that it makes you close out a year before moving into the next year. I like to be able to go back. It does let you go back after you have closed, and even make changes, but I don't like it. I also don't like the way it does not allow you to sub-categorize your accounts and lists. It forced me to code number everything so that I could group them together, which may be good and simple in some regards, but I like to be able to identify in subcategories. So, I am a yes and no on this product, I guess I am the same with QB too, so I really don't know which I ultimately prefer.

  • GIGI - Tasty beer options at a reasonable price

    Very simple to use. I have been regularly using it for over a year and keep buying the beer refills when they are offered on special - which doesn't happen often. It makes 2 gallons at a time - the equivalent of 8-1liter bottles (included in kit) or 16-16oz bottles. I had been using plastic recycled bottles but decided to order more Mr Beer plastic bottles because they hold up better and look more professional. The screw cap also means that I can pour as much or as little as I want into my glass and then put the bottle away for later without losing any of the fizzle or taste. My formula is 2 weeks in keg, 2 weeks in cool closet at room temperature and then 2 weeks in fridge before drinking. The times could be shortened according to taste - but this is my personal preference. My husband who was a dedicated Miller Lite drinker has completely switched over to Mr Beer brews and won't even look at the Miller Lite anymore.

  • B. Rizzo - Best valve oil

    I've been playing trumpet for over 20 years and this is easily the best valve oil I've ever used. I've tried the expensive brands and all the others that claim to be made with space-age technology or what-have-you and Al Cass is by far superior. You can use it on slides and valves, you don't need a lot but even if you coat the valve it wont gunk it up, and it lasts for awhile.

  • Aaron Dixon - Seems to help

    Bought these for my sister. Contain 25 essential nutrients needed for pregnant mother and even after giving birth for optimum breast milk production Superfoods Complex – Extracts from garden greens, fruits, berries, herbs & seeds 25 Vital Ingredients – 100% Value per Day or Higher Dose. One-Time-A-Day. Contains the most complete combination of A, C, D3, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper and more! Stimulate Breast Milk Production – Synergistic blend of 7 Herbs help produce more mother’s milk after birth: Blessed Thistle, Fennel Seed, Fenugreek, Stinging Nettle, Red Raspberry leaf, Chamomile and Marshmallow root. She's says it helps.

  • Cliff - One of the best robots i have seeen

    Great toy. Great personality. Great fun to play with. The only down side I have is you have to continually connect to his wi-fi in order to play or interact with him and then reconnect to the orginal wi-fi when you want to use other applications or Internet. He is very similar to wall-E from the Pixar movie for his personality. I highly recommend this toy for your older child or for the adult that loves technolgy.

  • Joyce Arnold - Henckle Knife block set

    I was not impressed with the handles of this set. The blade did not run throughout the handle and they were very light in weight. I was impressed with the sharpness however. All the knives were serrated which could not be sharpened. The Sabatiar set I purchased at Amazon had much better handles - a sharpener instrument and scissors and very nice handles --- but they are not sharp.