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  • Tony D - OK - But there are better alternatives

    This is the first book of this type that I've bought that didn't have an index. When I get a book like this I sometimes want to quickly check out high blood pressure or high cholesterol - but no index in this book.

  • longwaful - Disappointed

    This game really has a lot of potential. The game play itself is fun. Unfortunately there is a lack of content and character development that makes the game repetitive. Another mystery is the lack of quality item drops. The game is obviously a gear grinding game, but you can play weeks and not see a drop that is even worth selling. That brings us to the auction house feature. I find it diminishes the game. The economy is already spiraling out of control with rampant inflation. I also find the real money auction house insulting. I do not play a game to invest real life money. I play to escape life. Blizzard is no longer the same company and this is the last product I will buy from them.