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  • J. Green - All good things come to an end

    I loved this series! I'm a sucker for a good love story! I'm happy that everyone in the book got their happy, albeit, not perfect ending. Ms. Danae, keep writing these bangers!

  • Ranch Cook - I'm a repeat buyer and will continue to be...

    This product is a very important part of my natural blood thinning and cardio vascular daily supplement regime after a DVT in one of my legs and resulting pulmonary embolism incident over a year and a half ago. For the first 8 months or so I was on Warfarin, but didn't like the associated risks (after all it is Rat Poison) and costs, both monetarily and in life style, i.e. having to go in for frequent INR checkups. So after a lot of research I decided to go with a daily Nattokinase and Serrapeptase combined natural treatment, which I've now been on for almost a year. As a follow up I recently had ultrasounds done to check over a concern over a possible new DVT in the lower extremities given my history. Result? Much to my relief... clean as a whistle with absolutely no sign of any problems. As a further benefit compared to Coumadin/Warfarin, I do not have any of the bleeding issues I had when my INR readings were high. I have used this product now for a number of months and will continue to do so.

  • Carrie Anne - If you have Sommerset Hardwood Floors, read this, please.

    If you have Sommerset Hardwood floors, please read this. I had Sommerset floors installed about a month ago. Soon after, I purchased Bona from Amazon as it was highly recommended by Amazon customers and professionals alike. I used it twice on my new floors. It was okay, not great at preserving the shine in my natural red oak floors. So, I decided to buy the cleaning product made/recommended by Sommerset Floors, a little skeptical that the product would not improve on Bona. I was pleasantly surprised however and completely wrong. For Sommerset floors, at least, the Sommerset cleaning product is far superior to Bona. I could nor believe how easily it lifted dirt, drying quickly to a 'just like new' bright shine. I cannot speak to its effectiveness of it on other floor brands but if you have Sommersett Floors, the product is well worth the cost. I purchased the cleaning kit (mop, micro fiber pads (dusting and cleaning) and one bottle of cleaner) as well as extra pads and cleaner. Total cost was $99. I expect the 4 bottles of cleaner will last a year. BTW, The mop and pads are extremely well made. All can be purchased on their website and I expect your hardwood floor dealer.