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  • Fooled in Wyo - Don't be fooled.

    Worth the money. NO. I will say we had a lot of energy while using the product. But....Come to find out it is the High Levels of Caffeine that is in the products that gives you all the energy. We had ALOT of heartburn from the caffeine. When we tried to utilize the 30 day money back guarantee, that is where they get you. You do not get all your money back. Regardless of what the tell you on the phone. You only get a portion. Be careful also as they continue to ship you product even after you cancel. If you don't refuse it at the post office. You have to pay the shipping back and then fight them for a refund. Very Scary Company

  • John F - NO suport for this unit!

    I have been using Android since I got the original Moto Droid, and am confident in the platform. So my review is NOT if Android is able to handle the job, but whether you want/need support for the device you have purchased.

  • rosebud - NOW products, 5 STAR, HIGHEST QUALITY

    now products are wonderful. highest quality. kava is a wonderful herb to take for stress. i highly reccomend now products.