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  • Anish - feels so real

    Awesome Game Ever in SvR Series. The Game have the best graphics. Single matches, Tag Team Matches etc.this year they have done it all right with almost 70 Superstars, Divas, and Legends.there's a new mode called WWE Universe. This is basically the combination of the old career and exhibition modes. the controls are very easy in this game. in create a superstar mode, there are so many chose which is good.

  • T. Nelson - Multiple Benefits !!!

    I wrote this for another forum. The *SUBSTANCE* mentioned is this product, Thieves Essential Oil by Young Living. At age 67 I had taken some Vitamin D and it caused my feet, ankles, and lower legs to swell (edema).

  • Brew Review - Also noticeable is magnesium which I find is underutilized and really helps promote cognitive functions and increasing a good ni

    Nootropics are cognitive enhancers use to help improve our wellbeing by increased memory, mood and mental capabilities. I don’t drink coffee in the morning to get me going and I find energy drinks to contain way to much sugar for my liking. I much rather take a nootropic pill with a bit of water and food and help get the day started right.

  • Amazon Customer - Great products, but buy from an actual promotor

    Great product, but buy from a real promotor instead of through Amazon. $78 is higher than the product actually costs from the Le-Vel website. And this is only one part of a three part system. Get with an actual brand promotor to get properly informed on the product and how to take it correctly.

  • Doreen - used in our NICU

    I work in an NICU and this is our favorite swing. It is given to our fussiest babies. The different options including some pretty fast motions and mimic a person. I feel it is does work like a person as these swings and being held by a person are what works best for the fussiest babies compared to more traditional swings. As an RN (like a mom) I can't carry the babies 24/7 so this swing works wonders. Plus you can operate it with your feet if you have your hands full so that is helpful. haha.

  • Fairlee E. Winfield - Perfect for Chinese Cresteds

    I've been using this shampoo for my Chinese Crested Hairless for two or three years now. It is the only thing that seems to keep her skin clear, soft, and free of bumps and blackheads. I highly recommend this product for Cresteds with skin problems. Try it, it works.

  • Robert E. Deakins - Graduate study in Psychology

    As the other reviewers have said this is the most comprehensive guide out there. The data for the most part is accurate, however I had some problems with some of the website URLs and some of the phone numbers to the depts. had changed. Also, the print font is small which makes it hard to read.