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City: -43.2192 , Brazil

  • Peter WHITE - Not what you would expect

    Poor quality program. Relatively very little game time. Was more a documentary than coverage of the Stanley Cup.

  • Jackson Smith - No more late night cravings!

    In all honesty, I was more than a little skeptical about the effectiveness of this product (Note: I bought this particular bottle outside of in April 2013 and paid nearly twice as much as it's listed here).

  • deviance - Use it

    For anyone who is thinking of using this, I have almost 2 years of experience with it and can give you the honest truth. If you are concerned with your balding and thinning hair, Rogaine can give you an added boost, an offset of growth, that occurs and improves over time, sometimes after a horrible initial shed, the 'dread shed'. When I first started using I lost so much hair, it was raining down, my hair where I applied it looked WORSE than it ever had before. Sometimes I wanted to give it up, but I stuck it out, and I'm glad I did.

  • michael d. janeway - Rack OK. Bolts Terrible

    The rack work but the allen bolts provided by the manufacturer are cheap and the heads strip during tightening and loosening. I spend an hour and had to drill out four of the bolts to get the rack off as the bolt heads rounded. Being a seasoned mechanic I knew how to do it and had the tools but I can imagine the issue others may go through. I suggest replacing the manufacturer provided bolts. I used four M6-1.00 x 70 and four M6-1.00 x 40 stainless socket cap screws. You can order them through Amazon or someone like

  • SteveD1487 - Be aware before you buy.

    Needs sim card and another card and has NO directions on what size to buy or how to insert. Verizon wanted $5 a month to insert their card but said after that I could cancel and that'd be ok. Still got to buy 2 other cards to use it's capability so not such a good value as I hoped. What instructions there are are poorly written.

  • Troy Kostuch - Great item, ordered a large and got a medium ...

    Great item, ordered a large and got a medium haha I really wonder how that worked. I'll write another review once my girlfriend tries it.