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  • David - No verified purchases.

    There are 60 reviews and not a single one of them is a verified purchase. All the reviews sound pretty fake. Sounds pretty sketchy.

  • Drew - The best gaming experiences of my life

    The best gaming experiences of my life. World War I has been shown in a new light! Everything is stunning graphically and the historical accuracy is amazing! Love this game to death.

  • Roberta - rewrite nclexrn

    Great learning and refresher tool for the people who have taken the test more than once. I recommend this book.

  • marintravelbuff - Wet & Forget - Rid Yourself of Pesky Moss & Mold!

    We had a very wet winter in Northern California last year and the moss build-up on our front steps was out of control. Moss can make stairs and sidewalks very slippery. So I was determined to correct the situation before someone fell and got hurt.

  • jimbon - Balmex is Best

    For my first baby I used nothing but Desitin. I was given Balmex during my second pregnancy. I kept the Balmex but continued to use the product I knew and "thought" that worked the best. I had run out of the other brand and started using Balmex when my son had a bad rash. Wow what a difference Balmex made. In three days, the rash was completely gone. Wow what a miracle cream! After that experience I bought nothing but Balmex for my babies butt.

  • Barbara P - Cool, Soothing Mist - Our mist feature projects continuous ...

    Unique Ultrasonic Technology - Our ultrasonic diffuser uses less oil than other diffusers and vaporizes without the use of heat. As the oils break down, they release a soothing mist and fragrant aroma that surrounds any room.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!!! Can't wait to get cooking!

    I have been waiting for this to arrive at my doorstep! Pretty much stalked the mailman!!! Looking through this tonight, I am as excited as a kid at Christmas time flipping through a toy catalogue! Can't wait to make the grilled cheese w/ havarti, Brussels sprouts & apple and the slow cooker chicken tikka masala. The salad pizza looks delish! Pretty excited for the whole book! Don't miss out!!!