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  • John shea - garbage

    complete garbage,just goes to show that as bad as skystream customer service is now ,without online customer service these boxes are un usable,kodi wouldnt play anything,mobdro doesnt work,niether do any other video apps,just tells you to go to log without ever telling you where the log is

  • Heroine in Red - Relax and have some fun

    Rocksmith is an educational tool more than a game. If you want to get the most out of it, you definitely need to play it often, about an hour a day or so. That said, it starts you off very slowly and ramps things up gradually. Definitely recommended for those interested in guitar.

  • Rick - Great VR goggles.

    This is the first VR headset I have ever tried. My expectations were not that high, I thought it would be a simple piece of junk. Boy was I wrong. It exceeded my expectations. Ok Ok so they were low but had they been higher they still would have exceeded them. They are not heavy at all which they looked like they would be. They fit nicely over my glasses which I did not expect. They are comfortable to wear. The only issue I had was that they had rests for the phone to sit on. If I used them then there was light that came in the top. If I centered it and didn't use the rests the foam padding used to keep the phone in place was more than enough to hold it and then it kept all the light out. They seem very sturdy but should anything ever happen to the I will definitely get another pair.