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  • N. Thomas - It's a Decent Plan

    I bought this book in early February and read it in one day. It is a really good book and I love the way it is spiral bound and laid out b/c it has some good recipes in it. I don't really do the diet, but the book really opened my eyes to cutting back on sugar. I like the food swaps a lot, but one thing I don't like and refuse to do is the sugar substitutions. I do not like sugar alcohols. Stevia tastes good in koolaid, but that's it and Truvia smells too sweet. It almost smells like chocolate. I cannot eat it.

  • Accutron - Does Not Work

    It would appear, from reading the reviews, that some people have had success with this device; unfortunately, that is not the case for me. I have a severe squirrel problem and had hoped that this trap would at least put a dent in it. I have had it out for a week, with a variety of recommended baits. The squirrels play all around it but do not attempt to enter; I honestly think they are laughing at it (and me). I am going to revert to a traditional trap instead.

  • Kathryn Kelly - A must have for dry, damaged hair.

    I'm an avid swimmer and even with the use of a swimming cap and daily conditioner, my hair feels like straw from chlorine damage. I purchased this shea butter solely for the benefits of moisturizing my hair and scalp.

  • Daniel Reese - Very fast, very effective water filter

    Used this in Bryce Canyon last week. Worked perfectly. Much faster than my old water filter, and just needed me to put my weight on it. Seems like I get close to 1/2 liter of clean water in about 15-20 seconds.

  • JillyK - Great Set! Well Worth The Money!

    What an awesome price for this great set. I bought this to use at school for our school garden. I love the pruners and the shears. I also use the shears to twist weeds out of the ground. The pruners cut very well. I highly recommend this awesome set. It is attractive, and it is a great deal!