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  • Honest Reviewer - Nice, soft skin!

    I really find this cleanser nice. A pretty good sized bottle that goes quite a long way. Instructions are to use it with a bit of warm water as part of a 3 step regimen that starts with this cleanser, then after, applying a vitamin c serum, then finishing off with a moisturizer.

  • YiaYia - UGH!

    I've owned this in the past, and I loved it. Obviously, this is no longer manufactured the way it was.

  • Dorit Spencer - Horrible customer service - can't get replacement cartridges!

    The Soda Stream Fountain Jet Soda Maker is the poster child for a product that sounds great and works great starting off (hence the five star reviews, no doubt written in the first few weeks of use), but becomes a nightmare down the line (hence the one star reviews from people who experience the morass of the company's ordering system for replacement cartriges). The gadget is admittedly a nifty *idea* - we used to go through liters of carbonated bottled water and now we can just make our own! However, there are more than a few problems. If you like soda pop, make sure you get the taster first - many of the flavors are not great. Also, when you add them to the carbonated water, they don't stay carbonated for long. Finally, and most importantly considering that this is ultimately a business based on a service and not a product, the customer service on getting exchange CO2 cartridges is *horrible* - every order that I have placed has had some problem. Two of my orders have ben "dropped" by the system, and one time they sent the wrong size cartridges. In addition, shipping and back shipping are problematic. Beware *especially* if you live in an area where they use an independent courier, rather than good ol' reliable UPS. In this case, they don't send shipping confirmations or tracking by e-mail, and several times I have waited for bottles only to find that they have not yet shipped (in one case, for weeks). I think we will put up with it until we hit the break even point with bottled water, then joyfully throw the whole thing into the landfill (how ecofriendly is that?).

  • Rosemary Flynn - Fancy box but . . .

    This stuff comes in a satin lined magnetic box that I don't care about and I wonder how much I paid for the box. I tried it on half my face. I couldn't get it to peel off and had to wash it off. I'm not impressed yet but will continue to try it.

  • M. Rivero - Great tattoo aftercare

    I have extremely sensitive skin. While healing a fresh tattoo, using any sort of lotion gives me a rash. The only thing I could use up until After Inked was just Aquaphor, which is great until you realize that it's clogging your pores and after about four days your skin is breaking out all over the affected areas.

  • Amanda Crawford - Very happy customer!

    Wasn't sure about spending this amount of money but ...Really satisfied with this product really does work

  • Ishmael - Okay, but not the best

    Okay so I bought this book with the Kaplan flash cards and to be honest felt like I wasted alot of time reading irrelevant information. I went with Kaplan instead of Examkrackers at first because I was skeptical about Examkrackers shady looking reviews, but after reading the same chapter of acids and bases on both kaplan and examkrackers, I realized that Examkrackers is more conceptual based, while Kaplan is more fact and detailed information. I now wish I would have studied with Examkrackers from the beginning of my summer, but I have a month left to my exam and am just going to use Examkrackers the rest of the way. Don't get me wrong, Kaplan is not a bad study tool, but like most college students studying during the summer, we want to get down to the conceptual information and need to know, not waste our precious summer time, learning irrelevant information. (personal opinion). Either way, I would only recommend this book, if you're taking a year off and want to know as much detailed information as possible, but if not, go with something else. I only say examkrackers because it's the only other Mcat prep book I have read. I also heard from some of my friends that Princetonreview was good too. Good look studying peeps, may the Mcat gods have mercy on us all:-)