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  • James A. Haigh, PE - Rabbit TV fraud

    Rabbit TV is a scam and impossible to use due to the rumerous pop up adds to down load updates to programs that are already up to date. Click on their down load box and they take over your home page and load you computer with menu bars you dont want or need and are difficult to remove since they are browser add ons, plug ins etc and just removing them from control panel doesn't stop them from re writing themselves.

  • David G. - This product is no good it is a phony...

    Do not buy this item, don't do it to yourself. First of all as soon as you plug it in it leads you to many different screens and at the end of the day it's asking you for your credit card number and be mindful it states its free but there's still asking for your credit card number. So I called them and the young lady stated that she was not aware of rabbit TV but the number I call was to some telemarketer trying to make me give my credit card and when I refused she said well there's nothing I can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor minutes later the supervisor tells me the same thing I was very disappointed. So I disconnected it from my laptop. To make a long story short by the second day I had five viruses that killed my computer which cost me over $200 to get that crap out of my system. So whatever you do take it from me a dissatisfied customer do not buy this garbage it is a waste of time and a fraud...

  • ktuekert - KinderBike is GREAT

    This bike delivers everything it says it would. The construction is sturdy and solid. The bike requires very little assembly. All you add is your child and time for training.

  • Maddy - It does work..

    I have ordered different things in hope one would work with my weight..this does work and it's full of vitamins..which I is a liquid diet for breakfast and lunch with a senseable dinner..I have lost 20 pounds in about 3 months..I have about 20 more to go and will continue to use it...

  • jay state - 👌

    This is such a great alternative if you prefer not to take antibiotics. The first day of taking these I felt 80% better. I recommend these to all my family and friends who have history of bladder infection or uti. If your symptoms don't improve after a day or two, you should defiantly see a doctor though. You may have kidney issues. Bottom line, try these!

  • Nicole Del Sesto - It could be love

    Like many people, when the economy hit the skids, I downgraded my salon caliber hair products to something available at the Club store. I didn't notice much difference, frankly.