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  • Celtic Cutie - Plus that pretty pink coating contains titanium dioxide

    Buyer beware! This product has been changed from the original formula and it no longer does what it claims to do. Plus that pretty pink coating contains titanium dioxide, which "may be" a carcinogen.

  • MJ Arnold - It was the kind I used to like to read after studying serious stuff

    Just my kind of fantasy/Science Fiction. It was the kind I used to like to read after studying serious stuff, getting ready for those mind blowing finals. Something to enjoy without having to commit facts to memory. Fun!

  • A.M. - this wasn't the best offering. It seemed to drag in the beginning

    I'm a huge fan of this series and everything that Mrs. Harris writes. However, while I adore Roe Teagarden, this wasn't the best offering. It seemed to drag in the beginning, the mystery was a bit predictable, and it felt the the questions/observations from Roe were very repetitive. At one point I was also taken completely out of the story by an inconsistency. On page 23, Roe tells how she called her best friend Amina to share the news of her pregnancy. In that instance, Amina is thrilled, begins to weep with joy, and says that she has lots of baby clothes she can share with Roe. But then, on page 133, Amina is in town and Roe "breaks the news" to Amina of her pregnancy for the first time...and Amina is both surprised and unhappy. This is not necessarily the author's fault, as she likely just forgot to remove the original line during revisions, but it's a wonder that the professional editors and proofreader that worked on this book didn't catch such a glaring inconsistency. Overall, it was an enjoyable read, but I enjoy Harris' other works better.

  • Dr. Prof. RobTopnotch - For Intellectuals...Food for Logical Thought

    I love this book. it's a part of my Library now. interesting.... nothing you are unfamiliar with, just fills in some blanks that the history teachers in school left out and it makes sense! and this is only volume 1.

  • T. Haderlie - I LOVE this! My neck was so stiff

    I LOVE this! My neck was so stiff. I used this while we were driving on a long trip and it was great. My neck felt so much better. I have used it on my neck, back, and leg...all with great results!

  • vasquez - Solid as a TX unit. Truly supports aptx low latency!

    This product has excellent TX capabilities. I paired it with brightechs aptx low latency tx/rx unit (in rx mode) and sound was clear and quality was excellent CD like. I burned through a ton of TX and rx units and I found these two were the best. Highly recommend this combo.

  • Professor Filutek - Problem with the latest cloud based Neat scanner

    I am presently reviewing 2 units for my company with the idea of buying more if they perform well. So far these are the problems I have noticed.