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Portal PE 10 - Você Bem Informado com Noticias, Esportes, Política, Carreiras, Cultura e muito mais. - Site com as principais Noticias de Pernambuco,Brasil e do Mundo, PortalPE10 você bem informado.

  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13271/coroneis-tentaram-calar-a-boca-do-padre-de-tamandare-sobre-violencia-no-municipio Coronéis tentaram 'calar a boca' do padre de Tamandaré sobre violência no município - A denúncia foi feita na Assembleia Legislativa pelo deputado Álvaro Porto (PSD)
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13273/stf-admite-corte-de-salario-de-servidores-em-greve STF admite corte de salário de servidores em greve - Com a decisão, a regra passa a ser o corte imediato do salário, assim como na iniciativa privada.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13282/paulista-exalta-vitoria-do-sport-gigantesca Paulista exalta vitória do Sport: "Gigantesca" - Daniel Paulista preferiu exaltar as dificuldades impostas pela Ponte Preta, durante os 90 minutos, na Ilha
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13281/video-policia-prende-mulher-suspeita-de-esquartejamento-em-al (Vídeo) Polícia prende mulher suspeita de esquartejamento em AL - Thaíse Nascimento Duarte tentava fugir para Pernambuco junto com um comparsa, que também foi preso.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13277/plantao-do-enem-2016-tira-duvidas-dos-feras Plantão do Enem 2016 tira dúvidas dos feras - MEC disponibiliza telefone para os candidatos que necessitam de informações. Serviço funcionará até no final de semana.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13260/estudantes-prestam-homenagem-a-jovem-morta-por-pm-em-sao-jose Estudantes prestam homenagem a jovem morta por PM em São José - Após o crime, equipes da polícia estiveram no local ouvindo seguranças e convidados do evento, colhendo
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13276/neymar-recorre-de-processo-da-receita-por-divida-e-espera-julgamento Neymar recorre de processo da Receita por dívida e espera julgamento - O atleta e a família são acusados de não ao fisco R$ 63,3 milhões de impostos entre 2011 e 2013.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13217/gua-preta-podera-ter-nova-eleicao-para-prefeito-decisao-sera-do-tse Água Preta poderá ter nova eleição para prefeito; decisão será do TSE - Eduardo Coutinho, que já foi prefeito de Água Preta,, teve as contas públicas de 200
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13178/para-humberto-pec-241-e-retrocesso-na-educacao Para Humberto, PEC 241 é retrocesso na educação - Segundo o senador Humberto Costa, o congelamento de gastos trará prejuízos para uma geração inteira.
  • http://portalpe10.com.br/noticias/13175/geraldo-julio-tem-54-joao-paulo-33-diz-pesquisa-ibope Geraldo Julio tem 54%; João Paulo, 33%, diz pesquisa Ibope - Quando computados apenas os votos válidos, o socialista vai a 62%, contra 38% do petistas. Levantamento foi encomendado

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  • A. Purvis - Awesome ointment!

    I actually didn't know they still made this stuff. When I was a kid, I remember my parents using it on themselves & me when cold season came around. I know it is meant to be like Vicks Vap-o-rub, but it also helps with cold sores (fever blisters). Everytime I felt one coming, I'd dab some of this medicine on the tingly spot & the sore would be gone in no time! A little tin lasts FOREVER too, so it's well worth the money!

  • FloridaTechie - Great components for the price, Strong Frame

    I spent a long time researching hardtail 29er bikes when I decided to buy one. The LBS had bikes in my price range but with inferior component groups and mechanical rather than hydraulic disc brakes.The Diamondback had the best component group and hydraulic disc brakes for the price I wanted to pay. 10 speed cassette for this price is unheard of. The frame got wonderful reviews online and I agree it is solid. Assembling the bike is more complicated than road bikes because of the disc brakes and a more detailed instruction guide would have been helpful. The brake pads squeal some as they are braking in but the noise stopped after about 20 miles. Rolls over everything in its path and faster climbing than my old 26inch dual suspension Trek. The ride is bumpier because it is a hardtail but is considerably lighter. I have read that 29ers can be slower to turn in tight situations but did not find that to be the case with mine. My only complaint is the cheap seat that came with the bike. I also replace the pedals immediately with clip ins. Good value on Amazon.

  • ANTONIO E.H. SAZON-DESANGRE - This Book Rocks!!!

    Even if my instructor's way of teaching is a little bit of annoyance because I could hardly decipher what he was trying to say to the class, this book more than compensates for what is lacking in the way he enunciates every syllable of every word that comes out of his mouth. This book, for me, is the opposite of the Publisher's name Labyrinth. This book just takes off...you will always find your way through the "labyrinth" of my Instructor's quick presentation, or absentation. But don't get me wrong-either I have lazy ears or I have severe ADD.

  • C0D3 - Daily case

    The case is pretty nice, has held up pretty well as my daily. I just wish there was a way to reach the volume buttons while it was closed and that perhaps it was just a small bit longer (I know this is probably just me) so I could put money in it without folding it which makes the bulging of the case when it has things like cards (and cash) more noticeable. Its a small price to pay for being able to leave a standalone wallet at home so its not a huge deal.