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  • Scarlett Ian - Great historical Romance

    Callie Hutton writes this story so well I felt like I was in the book with these characters. I loved history when I was in school and so it follows that historicals are one of my favorite types of romance books. This one was no exception. I loved how she captured the relationship between Richard & Eugenia as well as the struggle for each of them to come to terms with what they want out of their marriage. Both of them so clearly want more with their relationship together but neither of them wants to be improper or scare the other away as they were both raised with the understanding of what a 'proper' marriage would entail. I especially loved the 'naughty book' that Eugenia stumbled across – the 'tips' that Eugenia read about are so applicable in today's world as well (ok maybe not all of them – I'm pretty sure a bare ankle isn't as titillating nowadays). Through the entire book, you can clearly tell how much the characters care for each other and it's such a sweet story; parts of it made me almost swoon and then others wanted me to shake the characters with frustration. This book was different than most of the romances set in that period, and that was very refreshing – most of the historical romances I've stumbled across have taken place during courtship before the marriage. This one starts out after the couple is already married for a time. This was my first Callie Hutton book but I am absolutely adding some of her other books to my list.

  • Michelle - It's hot! Travels well. Cleans up nicely.

    I used this hot plate for five straight days in a vacation house, and plan to use it again whenever there is opportunity.

  • Juegen Schaffer - Make our daughter feel better about her appearance

    My daughter has some scarring from her earlier days of acne, teenage acne. She hates it and is embarrassed about it! Acne should be treated ASAP, I immediately began to research something to help her misery. I know there is no miracle overnight cream for this and I'm sure it takes a little time, like all things do! We have purchased hundreds of dollars worth of acne treatments and this worked a miracle on her face.

  • Solga - Not a very Happy Camper

    I had a crash on the program with a down load from my bank. The program only locked up on the one account that I was down loading at the time. It would not re set. Spent an hour on line typing to tech support with no luck. (they instructed me as if I was a computer wiz, which I am not) There was no one to call because it was a weekend. I spent another hour trouble shooting and good think I had a clean back up. Re installed the program and backed up with my clean copy and I am so far back in business, I will have to wait until the next down load from my bank to see if I am out of the woods. The error was sent to Intuit and I hope they fix it. This is the only problem I have had with Quicken in many years. The program is not cheep and you would think that it should work and convert to operate with banks properly. WAIT AND SEE!

  • Amazon Customer - Great bike

    Great bike. My 11 year old son loves it. He was so excited when he got it and has done a few tricks with it. Loves how light it is.