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  • Damon - Not bad for the price

    This is an decent product, I had been looking for buying one for quite some time but it was always pretty low on my list of priorities. When I saw this product at a reduced price it was difficult to turn down, and I decided to bought it.

  • Roxanne - Don't Rent/Buy Unless Required

    Even if your professor does require this book, all the Restatements, UCC, and CISG are available online. Just type it into Google. I think I used the book once.

  • AC Thompson III - Review

    So far so good. Just started the second bottle and hope that I start noticing a change. I haven't notice anything yet, but I am going to give it all the time recommended.

  • PeteP - Good but way over hyped

    At first I was in love with the Nest thermostats that I installed in my home. Despite being a little difficult to install (the small form factor often does not cover up the space from the old thermostat), I thought it was easy to set and loved the ability to control over the internet. These thermostats are used in a home in the desert that is often empty. As a result, they are often set in the Away mode. For some reason, you cannot set the maximum temperature above 90 degrees which still results in a lot of use in 115 weather. The old thermostats had a maximum setting of 92 degrees. I emailed Nest to ask if there was a way around this. Despite promising a response in 24 hours, I never heard back. When I called a month later to ask the same question, they said that my initial email was listed as spam which is why they never responded. Whatever. When I asked the technician the same question, he said that the setting was made by the engineers and could not be changed. I asked him if there was a reason for the setting and his response was "that is what the engineers decided, just like the colors of the display." I asked him if they could pass on the issue to the engineers to see if they could modify the setting, he read me a prepared statemend drafted by their lawyers about unsolicited ideas and told me that he would not pass on my question to the engineers. While this may seem like a minor issue, it is disturbing to me since it shows me that the company is unwilling to listen to or respond to any customer feedback. While they tout the fact that the product will continue to get better and better as they upgrade software and add new features, how can they do this without listening to the comments from customers? Message to Nest: If your lawyers are controlling how you interact with customers, you have a problem. Lame.

  • Busy Shopper - It's Not For Everybody

    Broke me out with acne! I read the reviews and some customer did say it broke them out but, I wanted to try it because everyone is different. Well, after only a week and half I feel like I've wasted money because I had to stop taking them. Hopefully I can sell the remaining product to a friend.

  • drew - They just hook you in and then when you are off them you feel bad so when you take it again you feel normal

    Took two in the morning for 15 days. If I felt anything it was very subtle or placebo. What I had a problem with is when I ran out I felt awful for about 4 days. They just hook you in and then when you are off them you feel bad so when you take it again you feel normal. This is bad stuff.