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  • Angela Lopez - liked this but had to return it

    I liked the design/simplicity of the chair and really wish it would have worked out, however, we couldn't fit it on our table due to a support beam. Aside from that another con is that it takes a while to twist it on and off. We had planned on hooking it up and leaving it on but if you want to take it restaurants etc. just know it can be timeconsuming.

  • Ann Imig - Required Reading: Laugh and Get Woke 101

    I'm Judging You could be subtitled "Laugh and Get Woke 101" and should be required reading for all of us. We can all do better, and Luvvie shows us how with her unique hilarious thought-provoking irreverent no-holds-barred guide. Bonus: slang conveniently annotated and decoded for even the whitest among us (raises hand).