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  • stayathomedad - Entertaining for the kids

    Kids love it. Frequently catching them asking for one of the songs from the game on the radio (they aren't old enough to understand I don't control what plays on radio stations yet). It's a nice hour diversion occasionally for my daughters when they find it too cold outside or have friends over and want to do more than chase the dog.

  • Anon - Thought it was wacky, now we love it.

    Hubby & I both love this floss. He made so much fun of me when it first arrived, but now he is a convert. It's so much thicker than regular floss, and the coating is just the right amount of sticky to help it stick to your fingers, unlike plastic floss that just slides through. We got the mint. I can't say it's strongly mint-flavored, it's kind of nothing. But whatever - our previous floss wasn't flavored either. It is a little more expensive than regular floss, but I just make sure to bring my coffee from home for a couple of days & figure I've saved the difference. I also appreciate that it comes in a minimalist, cardboard mailer, so it doesn't waste a whole lot of packaging material (full disclosure: I get mine directly through the cocofloss website, not on Amazon, so your mileage may vary on the packaging).

  • Michael Wolfe - Caution for those on a diet! According to the ...

    Caution for those on a diet! According to the European Nuclear Society, a kilogram of U-235 contains over 17 BILLION Kilocalories!

  • Demeter - Good Build Quality

    I have been a Pro Carpenter since 1973. I compared all the small grinders in the "Big Box" stores, and some others on the internet, and finally chose the Dewalt DWE4011. Most others had some "deal breaker" flaw in design, like short cords, weak spindle lock buttons, bad balance and feel in the hand, poor build quality, switches that did not really set positively into the "on" position, casework and bodies that flexed, always something not good. This grinder has good power, good switch, good build quality, a narrow rear that gives a decent grip, good cooling, and a cord over 7 feet that is just long enough to be useable, but not really all that useful. If the cord was longer so that you could plug in and then work a whole counter or bathroom, then this tool would get 5 stars from Pros like me.

  • Lovesdogs - My Favorite Coffee

    I love coffee, but this is the one I prefer. It doesn't give me a headache like I get from another popular brand, and I love the taste. I also don't get the highs and lows. It gives me such a steady energy that I don't realize it until the time I'm supposed to be tired comes around.