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  • CJaney - Just a described. Polish peels.

    Shipped quickly and looks just like the picture. Great price for the product. The polish does peel a little bit that's why I gave 4 stars.

  • malwarehunter - Solid Protection!

    It seemed like for a while Kaspersky's protection was starting to lack but it seems like it has improved and provides solid protection from spam and malware. I use almost every feature the product offers with the exception of Safe Money. It seems to freeze up my browser a lot but other features like Virtual Keyboard and Network Monitor help me out a lot! I may eventually look into their Small Office Security to secure a few Windows Servers I also have running on my network for added protection. Overall, very good security unlike a few other products that I have used in the past.

  • jstudstrup - Ok this ACTUALLY WORKS

    I have a six year old golden retriever I have had since he was a puppy. For years I have been bothered by his anxiety when it thunders, storms, rains, winds come up, I mean you make a loud noise he shakes all over the place. He will run to you try to hide behind you, dig under the pillow you are laying on even if its the dead of night, once a year he gets really bad diarriah when the first thunderstorm of the year comes. It's just terrible, panting drooling, really literally shaking. I never thought there would be anything to help him! EVER. I didn't want to sedate him because I mean it's not good for him. So I bought this on a whim and it works! He runs to laundry room when it starts to thunder and he sits and waits for me to put it on him, if i don't notice (which is a first because I always dreaded storms) he will get me and lead me to it. He loves it, I love it, win win!