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  • Amazon Customer - 2016 Honda Civic Touring -- It'll get your heart pumping!

    Got the Honda Civic Touring. I love this car! Electronic everything, Turbo that does 0-60 in 6 seconds, leather interior. This car will practically drive itself if you want it to. Infotainment system with Android Auto and SiriusXM and navigation and a 10 speaker system. Leather steering wheel with radio/phone and driving controls easily reachable. Styling and exterior just look cool. It's been a while since I've been excited about a Honda. Sitting here typing my heart skips a beat just thinking about going for a drive!

  • J. Cole - Outstanding Camera for the Money

    I have been asked to review the Tachyon XC Micro twice and I haven't done it until now, because I wanted to test it thoroughly first. Prior to buying the Tachyon, I owned an Epic. The Tachyon is a far superior camera and a great value for the money. The video quality is far superior to the Epic. The colors are rich and the image is clear. The Epic is said to have better audio and it does, until you put it in its "waterproof" enclosure, then it is just the same as the Tachyon, since the Tachyon is always water ready. The Epic fogged up after about 15 minutes and the Tachyon showed no signs of problems after three hours in a kayak.

  • The Dancy Family - Great Product

    I love this water-flosser! I will admit it is my first one and I've been skeptical when it comes to products like this, but I was surely suprised and admittedly wrong. Water-flossers are an easy way to floss without having to worry about gum irritation and bleeding or if you're not doing it right. I This water-flosser has 3 modes, soft for brand new users (like me) who have never had one before, normal for once you get use to using it and how to position it for the optimal cleaning, and pulse for gum massaging (this setting packs a punch and hits harder than the others but doesn't do a continuous stream). I would recommend this to any and everyone looking for a great water-flosser but not trying to spend an insane amount for one. I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The rating or review was not influenced by the discount, and are my personal opinions of the product. I am in no way affiliated with this company. Like you, I rely on other's reviews to make a purchase on amazon. I always try to be honest and give my actual opinion of a product for no one will waste their hard earn money on inferior products.

  • bluskyes - Glad I DIDN'T read the reviews BEFORE purchase!

    Given so many bad reviews I would normally forgo purchasing, but I was desperate to edit a video converted from my parents 8mm/Super 8 home movies and didn't have much time to research. I had spent almost $400 converting the film to video and at $89/hr for editing, I figured I didn't have anything to lose attempting to do it myself. The program loaded fine. Wave did lock up once, and I received one "real time" error message. My 4-yr old computer was adequate but slow--no surprise there--I just played Wii golf with hubby while it was processing. I was able to edit the video, add a menu, a sound track, and burn a DVD all without so much as watching a tutorial (I was too impatient--probably could have done it faster if I had). The project turned out GREAT. Now I just need to burn copies for the family--this is going to be the best Christmas present ever! And I'm already planning a slide show of my daughter's wedding photos.