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  • Bruce Wilson - Surprisingly refractive

    Well, I guess that being surprisingly refractive is what crystal is supposed to do. I hang mine on an aluminum Christmas tree, mounted on a rotating stand, so the little rainbows it casts when the sun hits it as it rotates make it that much more pleasant during the day.

  • Giberson - Don't be fooled--there is no warranty AT ALL for this device.

    This was my 7th Samsung phone/tablet since I dumped Apple two years ago and this is the first one that was a lemon. 55 days after I bought it, the screen just died. A Samsung rep at Best Buy plugged it in and said "it is a hardware problem." It is otherwise in mint condition--no drops, blemishes or any scratches at all because of my "obsessive" (according to my wife) care taking. But, while the paperwork that comes with the device says it comes with a 1 year warranty, and the headline of the product states that it comes with a warranty, you have to go to Hong Kong to actually use it. They don't accept mailed items and domestic shops will not service the device. So it is now worthless. My replacement device is a Sony NOT bought here.

  • Diane B - I find that my skin now needs a LOT of attention

    After years of smoking, sunbathing and not paying attention to my skin, I find that I now need a LOT of attention. I now have shallow wrinkles, brown spots and dry skin. I'd tried a variety of moisturizers a dn find that this hyaluronicacid works the best and gives me results that I can see. It has vitamins C and E..... contains aloe vera, witch hazel, jojoba oil and green tea.....all natural ingredients. It goes on so smoothly and every time I use it I feel like I am finally sealing in moisture. I live in the desert and have very dry skin so sealing in any moisture is a must for me.

  • Michael Lin - These things are awesome, highly recommended!

    As an amateur photographer, I always like to hang the prints that I liked every corner around the house. I wasn't expecting too much out of these before purchasing, but in fact, it surpassed my expectations by a whole bunch. Originally I had purchased