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  • sorin - not as solid

    Looks good, nice and tight, very easy to install. I have over the rail lining and so far no leaks from weather or car wash.

  • R. Binder - Entered the license number - it doesn't work. Ugh...

    So far, I really, really hate this. I got the product super fast from Amazon - no issues there. It came in the original, legit package. Tried to install it, and entered the license and product number. It says "Invalid number. It doesn't work. I tried it several times. Doesn't work. I downloaded the product from Intuit and tried installing it again - same problem. Removed the program from the computer and started over. Still doesn't work. Tried getting some help on Intuit's site - no help there. Tried calling Intuit to get some help, and even though they say their help line is open 24/7, that doesn't mean PEOPLE are there...just a bunch of recordings. Soooo, I'm going to ask Amazon to take it back and replace it. Will post an update then. I don't believe this problem is due to anything that Amazon caused or did wrong, but I hope they can help me get it straightened out. My guess is the sticker for the license had some mistake. We'll see...

  • JaiZoe's MOM - But you will be amazed at what this lil baby can do

    Still playing with it perfecting projects . . . But you will be amazed at what this lil baby can do!!! Detailed projects would not be a good option for this machine though.

  • Louis P. - Great budget 4K tv!

    I bought this tv when It was on sale for 399.99. First off let me say that I am More than satisfied with this, and that once you calibrate the picture it looks more like a 550-600 tv. I paired this with a new Xbox One S and 4K blurays look great on this, especially with the high dynamic range color support. I used the website called rtings to read product reviews for this, as they run multiple rigorous tests on a load of different tvs to provide a very scientific and accurate product review. I would recommend this to anybody who is looking for a 4K display for gaming, because the tv response time is one of the best in the entire 2016 4K tv lineup.

  • Dr Mike - Poor communication to potential customers causes much frustration and disappointment for everyone

    I definitely like the concept behind this device. Namely a small glucose meter that attaches to your smartphone and allows a phone app to measure, record to the cloud, and track a history of blood glucose readings over time. Unfortunately I was very disappointed to find that the app is not supported on my phone. There is no way to know this unless you go to the company website first and then search for the mobile app page and see if your specific phone model is on the list. Even then it is not entirely clear if one's phone is compatible or not.

  • John Haldeman - After 15 years of use, I still don't know if Rogaine really works

    Rogaine contains minoxidil, a drug that was originally developed for heart disease before it was discovered accidentally that minoxidil stimulates hair growth. When minoxidil was originally given to heart disease patients by mouth, the increase in all body hair was actually quite dramatic. But, in later clinical trials of the topical solution (the stuff applied to the skin of the scalp), the effect has been variable and inconsistent, and most importantly, most clinical trials have followed users only for about one year.