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  • Travis - Bang for the buck!

    If you are looking for $400 software driven DVR system, this item is not for you. If you are looking for something basic to record up to 4 channels, look no further! I see a lot of reviews about this item where the person is demanding/expecting all sorts of features,its a $10 product! It installed with no hitches at all, within 3 minutes up and running and recording (Win XP). Mine came set to PAL, so be sure to check your settings. I recorded over 8hrs last night and it came out to a 2 gig avi file. During the day recording, it seems the files will be smaller. The software is very basic, you have your 4 channels and a few options off to the side mostly snapshot/picture stuff. I got this for under $15, and it does the most important thing....record with great quality(camera permitting).

  • Kelly - so much that I felt like the bleach gel didn't even adhere to my tooth ...

    I used this the first time, and it immediately disappointed. The try was uncomfortable. It was too large and difficult and awkward in my mouth and caused a lot of excess accumulation of much that I felt like the bleach gel didn't even adhere to my tooth surface. The next day, I tried to use again, but the LED light was at best 25% of the brightness and by the next day turned on for about 10 seconds before completing dead. Disappointing for $50!!

  • preOMS - Good Software but not sure about the package here

    This software is good. However, for the same price (299), if you buy this software from its original website (), you get another program included. The bundle on the website comes with pat, match, reading and science tests.