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  • Kelly - Highly Reccommend

    I purchased my starter kit at Target because I was too impatient to order online. I had been painting my nails with basic nail polish at home for years before turning back to acrylics at the salon. I had been getting regular fills twice a month for three months when I decided to switch over to gel at the salon. My nails were brittle and short because of the damage done from the acrylics and I was having trouble locating a good salon to give me a lasting gel manicure. After doing my own research online, I thought I'd try this at home kit, and I have not stopped raving about it to any one who will listen.

  • Miss A - I would look elsewhere...

    I almost returned this after the god awful smell and instructions saying "Please air out mat for 2-3 days"

  • Colby Humphrey - I have tried others and feel that these are the best. They are easy to use

    I bought these razors to shave the peach fuzz off my face (I am a female). I have tried others and feel that these are the best. They are easy to use, take care of the peach fuzz like a champ, and it is pretty difficult to cut yourself if you are using them correctly. Also, hair does NOT grow back darker or thicker contrary to popular belief. You can only use a razor once or twice, but I think for the price it is definitely worth it.