SafeBaby Breastmilk Tracking - SafeBaby Breastmilk Tracking is a complete feed and safety management system for NICUs and donor milk banks from Paragon.

  • About SafeBaby: Breastmilk Tracking and Validation Software for the NICU - Learn more about the SafeBaby® and how our innovative care can help improve the outcomes of your delicate preemie patients. We are dedicated to helping you.
  • Our mission - SafeBabyBMT - Paragon believes that every child deserves premium care. Our mission is to use SafeBaby® as a way to efficiently treat preemies while preventing misfeeds.
  • Contact us - SafeBabyBMT - Contact the SafeBaby® team! Our experts are here to answer your questions. If you are curious about how SafeBaby® can work for your specific needs, call us!
  • Partners - SafeBabyBMT - Paragon Data Systems' SafeBaby® Software Solution partners with many excellent long-standing companies. Our partners include industry leaders such as Zebra
  • Our clients - SafeBabyBMT - SafeBaby Software Solution is a tracking system for NICUs and milk banks. See why our clients trust in us to help care for their preemies and milk supply.
  • Our products - SafeBabyBMT - SafeBaby Software Solution products offer innovative data management systems for the provision of nutrition and treatment of prematurely born human infants.
  • SafeBaby Breast Milk Tracking and Validation - SafeBaby® BMT is breast milk tracking for the NICU. Each bottle has a unique label which can be scanned, verifying the right baby is fed the right milk.
  • SafeBaby Donor Milk Tracking and Validation - SafeBaby® DMT is donor milk tracking for donor milk banks. Each bottle has a unique label which can be scanned, providing lot traceability and safety.
  • Safenutrition® Nutrition Analysis - SafeBabyBMT - Safenutrition® is a unique milk nutrition analysis software. Nurses can see chemical compound breakdowns in milk, and get recommendations for fortification.
  • Technical Information - SafeBabyBMT - If you are an I.T. professional, click here for in-depth technical information on the SafeBaby system and see whether your facility will be compatible.
  • Inside the label - SafeBabyBMT - Our label can do so much more! Developed as a dynamic barcode, the SafeBaby® label validates, tracks, identifies, and records feeds safely and efficiently.
  • FAQ's About the SafeBaby Tracking System - The SafeBaby® team has put together a list of common questions about our software and system hardware. Click here to read our FAQ's or send us a message.
  • SafeBaby Software System Specifications - Discover the basic functionality and specifications of our system and see how SafeBaby can be used. See what requirements your I.T. department must meet.
  • Support and Service - SafeBabyBMT - Each SafeBaby® System license includes valued support and service. Our clients can access to a 24/7 phone help line, online resources and training, and more
  • Our system - SafeBabyBMT - SafeBaby Software Solution is a barcode tracking system for NICUs and milk banks. We aim to provide safer nutrition and more efficient treatment of preemies
  • The SafeBaby® System Process Flow - SafeBabyBMT - Learn more SafeBaby. The SafeBaby system process flow charts show how our software can improve your operations, & increase patient safety and recovery rates
  • The SafeBaby® patent - SafeBabyBMT - Our system is patent protected and compliant with HIPAA, FDA, BFHI, and JCAHO mandates, and follows the A.S.P.E.N. and Joint Commission's recommendations.
  • Watch our system in action - SafeBabyBMT - Watch our system in action! SafeBaby BMT has revolutionized NICUs by providing a safe, efficient, effective means to treat preemies without risking misfeeds
  • Watch our short film - SafeBabyBMT - Premature birth is a dangerous, scary time. Watch our short film to learn how SafeBaby provides the means to treat preemies without risking misfeeds.
  • Get a quote - SafeBabyBMT - Get a quote from SafeBaby®'s expert technicians! We design custom-tailored systems for hospitals and milk banks. Tell us your specific milk tracking needs!
  • Educational Center - SafeBabyBMT - Part of SafeBaby's mission has always been to be an educational center of support for nurses and parents of preemies. Read news updates and research here.

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  • Sarah - Four Stars

    I'm just glad that there are alternative products for these annoying pest . Thank you Wondercide😽🐶

  • Kelly Osborne - I Love the Slendertone Ab Belt

    I purchased this belt 1 week ago.. The very first day I took a photo before using it.. Yesterday (June 11th) marked 1 week of using it daily.. The results are amazing.. I use the 40 minute sessions.. Started at the intensity of 40 and went up with each session.. I keep it on for 2-3 hours each use, take a break for 2-3 hours and put it back on.. I am not at the intensity of 67.. I am looking forward to the end results.. I have set a 30 trial for myself.. I would say get one.. Take it one day at a time.. Results will soon appear.. Good Luck to all who purchase this.. I love mine...

  • Doug - Didn't work for me

    I bought this directly from Acronis with great expectations. I liked their cloud solution and wanted to take advantage of it. Once I got it installed, I performed a small backup just to try it out. It all seemed to work fine. I rebooted my machine and launch the application. It didn't start up. Instead, it informed me that a driver file was missing and that I needed to reinstall the product. I reinstalled it and launched it again. Once I rebooted the machine, however, the app would not launch--exact same issue. This is a new Windows 8.1 x64 machine. I tried their online support but found the chat sessions very slow. If an application doesn't work when I install it, I don't want to spend the time to debug it. Acronis has a 30-day money back guarantee. When I informed Acronis that I wanted to return the product for a refund, they were very pleasant and refunded my money without an issue. For that reason, I give them 2 stars instead of 1.