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  • S. D. - Awful new design, false 2nd line always

    They are sensitive, no question, but this new design is awful. Both from a practical standpoint - they put the test window ON the curve so it's difficult to read, they're clunky, the caps don't stay on, they're ugly and basically add nothing positive over the old design - and from a usefulness standpoint - because they have very very clear indent lines. That is, when you take the test, you can clearly see the antibody strip line, and it's occasionally tinted with color (even though blood test would show no hcg in your system) - so it's fairly easy to see something on every test. So essentially they've made it worse on multiple levels without making anything better. There's a serious flaw in the test design when the design consistently results in a visible second line - regardless of whether you're actually pregnant or not. As a result, while they used to be my go to, no longer...(but if you find the old flat ones, hoard!)

  • Steve L. - Can't believe how dry the bed of my truck stays

    I installed this on a F150 Limited in 10-15 minutes. I have had it on for about 6 weeks and it stays amazingly dry. It has been through several rain storms and many car washes. It looks nice and is very easy to fold back. You do get a little bit of wind baffle when driving on the highway. I have had it up to 80 mph + and had no issues at all. Also, I think it has improved my gas mileage.

  • lantori - I didn't expect it to be a great vacuum but its more cumbersome to frequently clean the ...

    Steamer function really works well. The vacuum does not work very well. I didn't expect it to be a great vacuum but its more cumbersome to frequently clean the dirt cup. I basically use the steam function on this machine, works really well. It is also more bulkier than most steam mops because of the built in vacuum so it is hard to clean under the bed or the sofa.