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  • Justin C. - Highly recommend by a low maintenace lazy girl like me!!

    I am a 54 yr old caucasian female with thick, naturally curly hair. I had received a make over and the stylist spent a loooong time straightening my hair with a flat iron. I liked the style for a change now and then but not something I wanted to put a lot of time into. I am a VERY low mainteneance. After reading the reviews on how easy this is, I went ahead and ordered it. I got it 2 days later! I was excited to try it but was in a middle of a Netlix movie. I actually used it while sitting on my recliner and it took only 5 mins!! I couldn't believe how well it worked. I DID have to follow up the ends with a flat iron to smooth them out. My only complaint is, as I had read, the temperature control is right where your hand is so have to keep on eye on it. I noticed a few times I had decreased the setting by accident. You can't beat the price for this product.

  • Helen - It's a great panacea, after chocolate

    It's a great panacea, after chocolate, of course. I use it as lip balm, on mosquito or other bites, minor burns, and to stop bruising before it starts when I bang myself.

  • Karen Kincaid - Surprise!

    I understand this product is marketed for face acne....however, some of us, especially those of us who wear blue jeans every single day in the winter, sometimes experience acne, well, on the buttox! So I gave it a try, just had a few bumps, and two days later, GONE! Oh, and it works on the face too! I would definitely recommend this product. When you first apply, you feel the coolness of the tea tree oil, but that quickly dissipates, so no worries! I am definitely keeping a few extras around in the event the product becomes unavailable.

  • jryan - I love taking Lutein for my eyes

    I love taking Lutein for my eyes. I had a zytoscan completed with a naturopathic doctor a couple of years ago and the scan picked up a possible future problem or deficiency in relation to my eyes. It was recommended that I take Lutein to supplement my diet and I'm happy to have found a reliable and affordable supplement here on Amazon.

  • Suzanne - Wider and Stronger Than The Others

    I have tried all of the various "nose strips" and these work the best. They are stronger and wider than others. If you have had a problem with the ones on other types sticking and staying on through the night then these are the ones to try. For me they really make a difference in how I feel when I wake up.

  • Mary Klein - I love, love

    I love, love, love this water pic! It comes pre-charged. It also has a little latex type of plug that goes into the slot where the charger would go when the water pic is in use. It comes with extra heads so you can each have your own in a family of four.