Organisational Resilience | Home | Signacure Resilience - We believe that enterprise wide risk assessment via professional business continuity is the optimum route to true organisational resilience.

  • Business Continuity - Signacure Resilience - Business Continuity Program development and implementation. Audit and Compliance. Training and Desktop Exercises.
  • Information Security Services - Signacure Resilience - A 40% year-on-year increase in reported system breaches where data is lost or operations suspended causing masssive reputational damage. Our services...
  • ISO9001 Management of Quality - Signacure Resilience - Continually monitor and improve quality across all aspects of the organisation. Leading to increased growth through new business and reduced costs.
  • Risk Management (ISO31000) - Signacure Resilience - The international standard for management of risk. Discover how to innovate and grow the business through improving techniques on risk assessments.
  • Information Security Management (ISO27001) - Signacure Resilience - 2013 version ensures protection of your organisation's data. Providing the freedom to grow and innovate with confidence and customer data is protected.
  • Environmental Management (ISO14001) - Signacure Resilience - Reduce business risks from environmental matters, protect the environment and reduce costs while improving business reputation leading to growth.
  • Occupational Health & Safety Management (BS OHSAS 18001:2007) - Signacure Resilience - This 2007 version sets out the minimum Health and Safety standards that all organisations need to comply with by law. Controlling hazards and risks.
  • Fire Protection Systems (BS 5839-1:2013) - Signacure Resilience - Fire Detection and Alarm systems standard. Code of practice for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems in non-domestic premises.
  • Medical Devices (BS EN ISO 14971:2012) - Signacure Resilience - Conform to the legislative directives via the new edition of EN ISO 14971:2012. This standard ensures the safe manufacture of in-vitro diagnostic devices...
  • Training - Signacure Resilience - Risk and Information Security, Business Continuity, Audit and Compliance training. All designed around an integrated strategy to deliver Resilience.
  • Human Resilience - Signacure Resilience - Build a culture of Positive Psychology. This evidence based Train-the Trainer event delivers the tools and approaches to wellbeing and resilience.
  • Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption training - Signacure Resilience - This workshop ensures that you stay on the correct side of the law. Covers Tax Evasion, Money Laundering, Proceeds of Crime and other commercial legislation
  • Cybercrime Legal and Courtroom Investigation training (5 days) - Signacure Resilience - Develop tactics to build court-admissable legal evidence via your computer and network investigations. Including legal framework and cyber bills.
  • Cybercrime IT Governance training (2 days) - Signacure Resilience - Develop your policy on IT governance and compliance with full regard to the legal and ethical obligations placed on organisations today.
  • Information Security Training courses - Signacure Resilience - Digital Network and Security investigation, Forensic Examination technique among a range of Information Security training courses.
  • Social Media Strategy - Acceptable Use training - Signacure Resilience - Learn how to develop a safe strategy and acceptable use policy and discover how your business will grow by taking advantage of social media.
  • Introduction to Computer Forensic Investigations (5 days) - Signacure Resilience - Comprehensive introduction to developing IT investigation skills. Including the concepts and priniciples of conducting computer investigations.
  • Computer IT Forensic and Cybercrime Investigation training (5 days) - Signacure Resilience - Advanced hands-on course using the latest expert analytical tools on the market for carrying out forensic and Cybercrime investigations at our dedicated lab

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  • Katie D. - Makes drilling a hole easy and dust free.

    This is a very well constructed tool that works great. I was able to drill a hole in seconds! It is easy to assemble, collects all the dust and debris from the drywall, and cleans up easy. I like that I can change the size should I need to. The storage box is also very well made, having fitted slots/holes for each piece. I was lucky enough to receive this in exchange for my honest review.

  • Antonia - I love this product

    I love this product. I have a weird part in the back of my hair that seperates and shows my scalp through my dark hair and all I have to do is sprinkle a little of toppik on the area and it makes the part dark and blend in with the rest of my hair. I've also used this to help hide my clip in extensions! Just put it around the clip and it makes where you clipped the extension in blend in so well. My hair has been different shades from med-dark brown, almost black so I ordered the dark brown and it blends perfectly with every shade. Also, since I only use it on certain areas of my hair, it seems to last forever. One thing I would recommend is after you sprinkle it on the area you want coverage is to pat over it so any access falls away. Don't do it over anything white! The light dust of it will fall onto whatever you're doing it over so you may have a small mess to clean but it wipes away easily with a moist wipe or cloth. I usually do it in my bathroom and just have to wipe the counter after. Definitely a minor issue just as almost any makeup/beauty product you use can get a little messy sometimes. I recommend this product to anyone with thinning hair as it gives you a fuller look from your roots. I will be a lifelong customer of this product unless they come out with something permanent that does just as good of a job. Five stars easily!

  • buyer2012 - Good Software Great Price

    If you don't mind buying last years software, this is a great value. I installed it with no problems and am now running my business with it. Now if it was a little easier to use. Good Job!

  • Isobel DeSantis - Stupid design but the unit works very well

    The unit worked perfectly and definitely helped the pain in my lower back. The only complaint I have is the really dumb design of the clip that for some reason is needed to hold the cord in place and which partially covers the power switch! Why is the clip even necessary? And if it IS considered essential, couldn't a smaller one be used? Apart from that niggle, I was really pleased with the TENS unit - it's a great buy.

  • Ghost of Tom Joad - Get exactly what you think you are getting.

    So I was impressed to get exactly the same glasses for $83 that I just tried on for $150 at a the outlet. Basically you get a very legit product, well packaged and with all the proper documentation as you would in any good store. The G-15 glass is fine, but I might get polarized in the future as the glass is not good for fishing or boating, but is absolutely great for driving and general use. The glasses look and feel good. I got the 58mm, but honestly I thought the 62mm looked even better so when I do get the polarized ones.

  • Amazon Customer - This did amazing for me

    This did amazing for me. I was bleeding very very heavily(bed ridden) for 2-3 days and the moment I got this and swallowed the three pills, the bleeding almost stopped immediately. Bleeding became very very light and VERY manageable. I just ordered two more bottles because I am low on the first bottle I got. I hope this helps with anyone else who buys it.

  • Donna S Burnett - Great Customer Service

    First the disclaimer: I have only used the Luminess Air System for about 1 month. I almost did not buy the System because of the negative reviews but finally decided to try it. As far as application is concerned, the instructions tell you it is better to spray lightly, let it dry and, if greater coverage is needed, to apply another new thin layer. I only use two coats and my skin looks so much better. I have not yet had a problem with the machine or stylus. However, with an automatic refill every 60 days, I now have too much make-up and the caligraphy eyeliner did not seem to work correctly.