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  • patricia m. casey - Didn't do as advertised

    Got rid of stain & I couldn't smell anything. But after using it the only spot on the carpet my chihuahua would use to wet on was the spot I'd cleaned w/Nature's mis. Stain & Odor Remover. I used as directed then reapplied. It became her calling card "here's the ladies room", My friend had similar results w/ a min pin. DO NOT RECOMMEND

  • Alicia Danielle - Love this product!

    Love this product and have used it for the past 18 months. It works great for fine/thinning hair- friends have been surprised when I tell them how I've suffered from alepecia since I was a teen since they never noticed. My issues are on the top/front. Living in SC it also survives the heat and sweat. Its cheaper through amazon than buying direct from the manufacturer (even with their recurring auto re-order discount). Plus I get prime shipping. I plan to be buying this product forever, or until they find a cure!

  • Donna - This is a wonderful, easy to understand Bible

    I will never understand whjy so many people think the King James version of the Bible is the ONLY VALID Bible. This is a wonderful, easy to understand Bible. Try it, you might realize what you've been missing in between all the thees and thous.

  • S.L. Esdaile - DISAPPOINTED

    I actually LOVED my NutriBullet........until today. I purchased it on 5/10/2016. Since June, I've been using it 4 to 5 days/week to make protein smoothies. I went to make one this morning and it would not work. AT ALL! I tried changing each of the cups, and even tried using the grinding blade . Nothing. It simply does not come on. When I checked on Amazon about exchanging it, or at least having it repaired, they said it cannot be returned because I have had it for more than 30 days.

  • gram - Would not work and no one would help with the ...

    Would not work and no one would help with the problem. NO ONE .I've been trying for almost two months to get a patch and have been put off again and again although was told there was one..

  • Zack - Don't use 2013 or 365!

    Microsoft is strongly moving away from selling software that can be used with just a license key. Be warned, 2013 requires you to signup for a Microsoft account and associate the license key with that account before you can actually start getting anything for your money. Doesn't sound so bad? It is, I've spent over 20 hours over the past few months working with clients trying to get Office Home and Business 2013 simply activated. The MS website is a merry go round, it keeps taking your in an endless loop of uselessness. We've created new accounts, we've used existing and it's always a nightmare trying to get the license key to associate with an account. This whole business of even needing an account on a webpage to use software on your PC is junk. I know MS wants everyone to use the Cloud versions in the future and are trying to use 2013 as a stepping stone to get people to signup for accounts so it's easier to sell them Office 365.