The Trashiest of Trash - Hey there! This is a side blog to ' reluctant-reflection ', because I'm too lazy to switch back to my personal blog. Sorry. If that blog is following you, so is this one.

  • The Trashiest of Trash - me: begins and finishes a book within a day me: begins and finishes a book within three months
  • The Trashiest of Trash - ambris: “alachatte: “danekez: “I DONT CARE IF YOU LIKE STEVEN UNIVERSE OR NOTIf you suffer from Anxiety, Depression, Disassociation, Intrusive thoughts, or any number of things that take you away from...
  • The Trashiest of Trash - dannyrandy: “consider this: bisexual barry allen who never realized he liked guys because he pretty much only ever had eyes for iris and who thought he was just jealous of eddie when he started having...
  • The Trashiest of Trash - triiangle: “more Xiaolin/atla but sadder this time because I’m awful ”
  • The Trashiest of Trash - me @ my body: perhaps... since it's summer... you could sleep without the blanket? my body: interesting thought! interesting thought. but no
  • The Trashiest of Trash - me: huh this audio post looks interesting audio post: me: alright guess ill never know
  • The Trashiest of Trash - teardownheaven: “ “Do you walk in the valley of kings? Do you walk in the shadow of men who sold their lives to a dream? Do you ponder the manner of things, in the dark… the dark, the dark, the...
  • The Trashiest of Trash - kimjimagery: “ eric-coldfire: “ gabzilla-z: “ gabzilla-z: “ dreamrabbit: “ tenderofriki: “ dirtyriver: “ siphersaysstuff: “ crybringer: “ nightmareloki: “ not-angerfear: “ Batman -The Tailor by...
  • The Trashiest of Trash - leupagus: “cc-videos: “basedgodtookmyusername: “Yesterday i lost my glasses. And decided to document my frustration until……… I really wish this was planned, but i gotta admit, I took a big...

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  • Colin P. - I like the idea if of these

    I bought one of these filters about 6 months ago, and I'm now on my 4th replacement. Within a month, the little plunger that you pull to filter water gets stuck and won't automatically return to the "off" position. I like the idea if of these, but they just aren't made as well as the old FM-15 model.

  • GrouchyOldman - Scholarly, evenhanded, easy to understand

    This work is scholarly and even-handed, devoid of ideological freight of any kind. It avoids the politically-charged analysis based on white versus black communities. Murray's thesis is essentially that there are two Americas: one of educated, middle- class or upper middle-class people, and one of everyone else. Occasionally providing relevant statistics in a clear format, he explains the differences between these classes in terms of four primary factors, and the resulting outcomes of their lives. Although he does not undertake to explain wealth or income disparities, the effect is to explain, in part, the widening gap in wealth and income between the two classes.