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  • Matthew OConnor - Novelty at best

    You can spray it on stuff and it'll leave a thick coat of white stuff that does a great job of repelling liquids, but it flakes off in the first five minutes of use. Really it has no useful applications because of this. I did follow the directions carefully and have conferred with other NeverWet customers to double check.

  • Andrey - Alright, so I purchased this mask a couple months ...

    Alright, so I purchased this mask a couple months ago, and am definitely seeing results. My skin feels clean, less exhausted, and actually fresh after washing this mask off! However, the reason why I took away one star is because the blackheads on my nose are still there. Of course, the pores appear smaller, but the blackheads are still there, which is frustrating. (account owner's daughter)

  • RandomTexan - Awesome and easy assembly, fast shipping.

    Easy to put together, took me and a friend all of 12 minutes while drinking to snap this thing together. No tools required (other than to secure it to a palette), and it is STURDY. I'm a 6' guy and I "planked" on top of the roof after we constructed it and it didn't even wiggle. Large enough to easily fit my Great Danebull (Dane/Pit bull mix) and have room for her to turn around and all that good stuff (although she still hasn't even gone in it yet, but that's not a problem from the products' end).

  • jacki l - made my hair start falling out

    I bought this because it smelled so good but after using it my hair was not soft but I decided I'd use the rest as not to waste it. After a few weeks more hair than usual started coming out when I brushed it and it kept getting worse, I threw the rest away and went to a different brand, after a month it was back to normal. Two years later I smelled the pomogranate one and thought o maybe it was a fluke and tried it again but the same thing happened again. I am currently using the rest to shave my legs, I don't mind losing that hair.

  • shana - ABSOLUTE LOVE!!

    I love this product!! It taimed my frizz and really moisturized my hair!!! My hair gets extremely dry and I've been searching for the right product to help combat dry hair and this is it!! I am natural now and it's extremely important to find a good moisturizer for my natural curls. I get asked constantly about what products I use and this is a must have!! Check out the youtubes on it they are great!

  • Gordon Mackie - Male to Female Pre Op Transgenders

    As a male to female pre op transgender male i have been taking these tablets for two months now to reduce the size of my testicles reduce my sperm production. Other reason for taking these tablets is to reduce the flaccid size of my penis the tablets have performed marvellously in all aspects.

  • Heather Jenkins - I couldn't put this down!

    When I started reading this novel, I did not expect to get so wrapped up in the storyline. I had not read Ms Stone's work before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I related to Evelyn.