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  • E. Gagne - Nice reel for the $$$

    Nice reel but the handle did come loose shortly after using, had to find wrench on boat to tighten. Probably not good quality control on that part. Otherwise the reel is very smooth and casts great. I would buy again at the price point. Otherwise its five stars except for the issue with handle.

  • Edson Scott Gilmore - Excellent.

    Worked like a charm and this was the best price we could find. Used it to put together a table and chairs. Only one I have used but so far it has been great. Easy to use and understand. I bought some more screws at Home Depot. They actually have a Kreg Jig section - you can buy these screws in the normal hardware section.


    Wow, this book is outright fantastic. You can gain knowledge of how to create not just one or two but several forms of passive income and be totally financially safe.

  • rosa_azul98 - Better than a prescription!

    I have been taking prescription and OTC drugs for years for my allergies, but they never really worked. After starting DHist, I noticed a huge improvement! Unfortunately, the effects only last as long as you're taking it. But I feel so much better, and no sinus infection!

  • nicky - WORKS WORKS WORKS for me at least

    Worked for me and I didn't even do it right! Okay so I seriously did not think it would work but miracles happen. Its for large body masses but I'm a girl, 5'7, about 130 , pretty athletic, smoke everyday type of thing. So the test came kind of a surprise (parents) and I found out after I had eaten, I chugged it down but not all the way to the bottom because I didn't want to risk peeing out red (i got the tropical flavor BEST ONE) since it happened the first time I tried it. Drank some water but didn't even have time to drink half a bottle. I took the test after only 2 hours peed before i left home, once I got to the place, drank a bottle of water, and tested by the third time I went to the bathroom. I came out with some level of THC it was low enough the test came out negative! I had stopped smoking Friday, after months of smoking everyday and took the test Wednesday. Friends have told me its worked for them but I've heard its 50/50

  • Pankil - All aboard the Airborne Express

    Time to review the Airborne Vitamin Mix drink. It flies off the shelves at Wal-Mart quicker than their discounted made in china pants with buttons missing. No doubt about it that is works. Kinda overpriced but what isn't these days. Ok let's kick it.... stuff tastes good and it won't be too harsh except on your wallet. Some people swear by it and some people just swear at the price... I got some free samples a while back and I liked the taste and thought ok let me try it.... you gotta treat yourself to the finest things in life once in a while (!$%^&*#$) lol..... I am not Dr Kevorkian so I don't know how this stuff reacts to your body but it definitely tastes better than that Emergen-C formula. that's worse than diarrhea and castor oil combined... this won't make you run to the toilet all day or kill your taste buds. It is popular with the masses and a lot of people I know take it to fight off germs and infections. So..... I suggest you take out a small loan and if you can afford this immunity drink you try it. That is all I am going to say and in conclusion............bde bde bde that's all folks!

  • Nathan Glenn - The Install Kit rhat you want

    This Scosche unit is exceptional. There are two choices if u are adding an aftermarket stereo to your c5 camaro, this and a Metra. Both look noce but this u6mit just looks better. This unit adds a touch screen for operation of the air conditioning and programming of the unit.