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  • Fadi Ajilat - Comfortable & stylish. Suprisingly accomodates flat feet.

    These look & feel great! I'm also fortunate enough to have stumbled upon a pair that accommodates my flat feet. Unfortunately I've grabbed a pair that was too large. I'm hesitant on returning them due to said flat feet, but with enough consideration, I may if the situation is appropriate. If the smaller version fits perfectly, you can bet on 5 stars.

  • Nick - Nice look for a great price.

    Everything looks great but my license plate led bulbs didn't fit right. Hard to put in and bulbs to long for my 2016 dodge ram sport. The kit would be great if it came with the third brake light in back of the cab. It only comes with the two back cab lights? The front fog lamps look good and was really easy to install. Same with the back tail lights. They have great response time when you contact them in a email. It was with in a couple of hours.

  • Matrix - This game should be called SimTowns........

    So I took the bait. Even after all the research I did on other Simcity forums from those who played beta I bought the game.

  • Kelli Bosarge - Not completely fragrance free, and it made me itch.

    I like Burt's Bees products, especially their lip balm. However, I've had a problem with the shampoo. I have very sensitive skin that doesn't tolerate fragrance, even if it comes from natural sources like essential oils. This shampoo made my head itch, so I had to stop using it. I imagine it's fine for the majority, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with skin allergies.

  • nutbrownbowl - Instant Gratification

    I am not great at Excel and was working on a workbook I just wanted to get finished. I wanted the book and I wanted it "now". Well, don't you know it comes in a Kindle Fire version and I bought it immediately. It answered my questions and more. I worked on my desktop with my Kindle Fire right next to me. This is a great resource!

  • C Ski - Fun, but inaccurate Kinect detection.

    I purchased for the XBOX One. As of January 2014 it is the only early release Kinect based game on Xbox one.