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  • kpdrumswritessings - works

    I used this in the interim when I wouldn't have time to get to my head gasket. worked. worked well. I probably could have gotten away with not changing the head gasket.

  • Metal_Man88 - Beware of flickering screen, poor quality control, nonexistent customer service

    This monitor seems like a good idea at first, and if you're like me, you'll get several months out of it. Then, out of the blue, it'll start to flicker. This monitor, in all its ~10 lbs of glory, will cost you money to ship to their centers to repair it, if you even get that far. When I attempted to get support, it was non-existent. A queue of 5 people was in line ahead of me, and when it came to be my turn, the agent never actually arrived. From that point on, it suggested I request email support. I attempted that, only to be informed email support had been discontinued.

  • Cynthia Knight - Nice vacuum.

    I really like this vacuum it really has good suction and cleans the fine sand that gets blown in from the winds. Only problem is that it sometimes comes apart while you are using it.

  • Errol Icsel - A Collection of Acoustic Amaranthe for the...Collector

    Amaranthe(the band song writters: Olaf, Elize and Jake) has done live acoustic sets on occasion. I had most of this material from the extended Amaranthe first album, and couple other singles releases. However, Splinter In My Soul is one their best songs, and it seems odd that it was a B-side. So, considering that this is a mostly acoustic album, it's done nicely and I wonder why all the acoustic versions aren't here. However, some may not have any of these tunes, and really enjoy the acoustic versions, so I have to give this the highest marksin gathering them together. This is a mere mp3 release for the collector, and I only needed 4 of the 8, so I'm happy which is what counts. One stop shopping for acoustic Amaranthe.

  • Stricklandmom - Great Alternative to Crutches!

    I really do love my iWALK2.0. I broke my foot a week ago and with four children, being on crutches wasn't an option. The first day I tried it on I was very hesitant and nervous to use it. I truly thought that I might send it back. But after a day or two, I got the hang of it and I could not function right now without it! Putting it together wasn't difficult. It is VERY important to view the instructional videos (I think they are on YouTube).

  • Rosebud - Not a great movie

    I am sorry to criticize this movie, but the plot and acting was terrible. This may have been the goal of the movie--to be "camp" in style, but I had a hard time watching the movie. I couldn't watch the movie to the end!

  • Beach Girl - Who Gets the Kickback on this Substandard Product??? [To be clear, this is the NR - the IMPROVED version]

    Roughly 5 or 6 years ago, I lived in a 3000 sq ft colonial when I decided to upgrade from my hot water tank to a tankless heater. I had done minimal research, my installer sold me a Rinnai, and it worked flawlessly out of the gate. I loved it. It was located under my kitchen, so the kitchen and downstairs bath received hot water fairly quickly. The upstairs bathrooms took considerably longer, but they had with the tank heater as well due to the great distance between the heater and the taps. The exhaust was actually in close proximity to the hot tub, but it only emitted when hot water was being called for, and if we were in the tub, no one was running water, so it was never a problem. A feature I failed to appreciate at the time was that there had to be a minimal flow of water to the tap to even trigger the heater. For someone who sometimes runs the water repeatedly for mere seconds while working in the kitchen, this was ideal. Easy install, uneventful performance, a sleek little wall-mount unit replaced my big tank, and the constant thump and motor noise of the old tank heater was gone for good. I was happy with my purchase.