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  • Sam Greenberg - HER WARM KISSES and Warm ****y...Thanks, Man

    As the author of "Attract and Seduce Online Dating Girls," I know how to pickup girls. But Married Man game? I go to the expert: Athol Kay. He's the "Mixed Marital Arts" master.

  • Nancy B. - High-Performance is an understatement!

    This new product from Netgear is amazing! My husband and I went from just barely 3 mbps to over 60 mbps on our computers. We tried various solutions; upgraded router to Netgear's Powerline adapter. The adapter helped, but just wasn't strong enough to improve all the computers scattered through the house. With three computers, two cell phones, two signal boosters for those phones, a smart tv and a solar panel communication device there just wasn't enough bandwidth to cover them all. This Netgear Orbi eliminated that problem and now everything is humming along at great speeds. It's a bit pricey, but well worth the money.

  • Lee Duncan - Quick Books gets the job done, even on a Mac

    I don't use PCs, so when I needed QuickBooks I bought the Mac version. But it seems like Intuit focuses on the PC first and anything else second, so the functionality always seems to lag the Windows version. But it does get the job done. It is certainly not as easy to use as quicken, but does much more.

  • Michael Ratto - Absolute Home Run

    I have been thinking of buying this product for a while and finally took the plunge. I was looking for something to be able to create a virtual replica of my house to use for design ideas for renovations. Originally, I just wanted to maybe import picture but I soon learned that the software could do so much more with so much detail.

  • James E Rowe Sr - Too new to me

    Not use to this format, I have all ways used street atlas - Will give it more time and see how things turn out

  • Lucy Lulzworth - Great learning tool for children

    What a great learning tool for our children! I am so pleased to finally see something like this come along to teach the kids about terrorism and homeland security in a fun way! They really need to know they need to conform and obey all authorities and to never ask any questions! I really cant wait for the lego security human rfid chip to come out this summer! Thats an even better way for them to learn about whats to come!

  • Chris A. Stout - Works for 5 minutes than have to reset after update

    Received my Silver edition on Thanksgiving with wifi remote. Update was a little hassle but was able to install. After install camera locked in on position and buttons did not work after about 5 minutes of just being on, not recording. took on a hunt and had to take battery out 5 times in 2 hours to reset so camera was usable. As for the app., only reason I wanted it was to preview what I was shooting. That was the only thing that didn't work, the preview. Tried on 3 diff. phones. So, returned to bestbuy, can't see spending $400 plus for a camera like this. Gets one star for great video when working. Maybe I got a bad one but after researching the internet I think the 3 editions have problems. Might buy again if I see GoPro solves the issue since I am now stuck with accessory mounts and extra battery. Strange that GoPro site has no support for such issues since they are so common.