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  • Bruno & Maddie - Cuts tile like butter

    Dealt brand tools are a quality product, I love every power tool I have bought from Dewalt, including this angle grinder. I bought it to cut porcelain tile and it cuts through it like butter, plenty of power to get the job done easily and quickly. I recommend Dewalt to anyone looking for quality power tools.

  • t.hornbrook - Works as expected

    I have used this multiple times now. The first time the smell was strong so I put cotton balls in my nose. The other times it didn't bother me at all. Works great on fine hairs, not so much on thicker hair. It takes me a week to get it right because I always end up missing some. Getting better with each use!

  • davispgc - Just what I needed

    When I ordered the remote, I was not sure it would work. I was pleasantly surprised, it works great. I would buy from them again.

  • Elizabeth Arnold - I love it. 3 inches gone.

    I am a female power lifter and lift very heavy and do cardio. When I took this with good diet, I lost 3 inches around my stomach and could fit into some clothes I have not worn in close to a year. It is a great addition to normal dieting. I take one pill in the morning and one in the afternoon as I am sensitive to stimulants. I love it. However, if you are looking to sit on your ass and not do anything, not going to be your miracle. Work for your results.

  • De Bramhall - I'm not good with new equipment

    Wow, I went from a 720 Plasma to this Samsung. The remote is still a puzzle to me, I'm not good with new equipment, but I'll be downloading the manual. Oh and the screen is the TV, meaning there is very little framing around it and it's weight is so light. I'm still learning things about it but I'm not at all displeased with this TV.

  • Lori G. - Absolutely wonderful

    I have very fine hair and have never been able to use those "shampoo conditioner in one" types of products or any kind of leave-in conditioner or even fixative/styling hold products. They all made my hair lie flat against my head and appear and/or feel greasy. This stuff is amazing. I have shorter hair so I didn't use as much as they recommended, but I used about 5 pumps and rubbed it in vigorously and left it in for about 4 minutes then rinsed and my hair looks and feels amazing. I didn't want to try Wen because of the price, so I found this and ordered and for 1/3 of the introductory price of Wen, got a whole pint of this and I am so happy with it I can't stand it! I will be buying it as long as it is available and I recommend it for anyone.

  • Freddy Coonradt, Jr. - I love it.

    I got mine at GameStop new,and I love it.I'm a Nintendo and Microsoft console gamer,mostly Nintendo.I love playing my Xbox One with my friends when I'm not playing Pokemon Omega Ruby on my new 3ds.It's one of the best consoles out there.