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    City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • mary veal - NCLEX-PN 2014-2015 Amazon Order

    I am very satisfied with my order process and the KAPLAN NCLEX-PN 20124-2015 book. I believe it has prepared me to know what is ahead of me in the nursing program. I am looking forward to completing my studies in the LPN program and successfully taking the NCLEX-PN exam. Thanks to amazon and the retailers of this book. I am on my way.

  • MBalter - Disappointed

    Im not sure what's the point with the images in this calendar. I bought if for a fan of Futurama but every imagine in it is just like a cross dressing, shame there wasn't a preview of the images.

  • mark - Works well for no preparation

    We had grubs the previous season, and a new dog that was a mad man tore the backyard up last fall. A lot of bad patches of bare dirt, and some holes to fill from him digging. I was lazy and decided to just throw the seed out on the bare ground and let nature do its thing. The dog was banned from the back yard for the first two weeks, and I did water it the first week, but that was all the attention it got. My wife kept saying there was nothing and that I had wasted my time. Hah. About two weeks later they started sprouting, and a good portion of them germinated. There is at least some grass in the bare patches and Grub-ex has helped eliminate the initial problem, so I'm glad I did it. I'll spread some more to help fill in, and have no doubt that it will work as expected. The areas were both full sun and mostly shade, and did equally well in both.

  • Mother to 6 - We enjoy these guns as a family

    We enjoy these guns as a family. However the orange pull activator at the bottom is HARD to pull. My 4 year old is not able to pull this by himself which means we have to pause and reset his gun for him. Also these HURT when they hit you from any sort of close range. I was hit with one from 5 feet away and it left a red welt on my abdomen. Not a huge deal for an adult but may cause some tears at a play date.