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  • Joseph B. - Works great, got 87 channels with it.

    I cancelled my DirecTV two years ago and don’t feel like I am missing out on much, I have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Sling, that combined with streaming from other sources pretty much provides me with all the television I care to watch, however Sling, which is my main source for streaming live TV doesn’t have local channels, and with it being football season I like to watch my Alma Matter play and if its televised on a local network instead of ESPN, Fox Sports or Pac 12 network I can’t watch it so I thought I might try out one of these antennas. I am extremely satisfied with it and I am very surprised with how many channels you can get with one of these things.

  • Beau Toichi - Good messenger bag, just not for me

    I wanted to like this bag. I was planning to use it like how it should be used...for a 4-mile bicycle commute to work everyday. The bag is well-made with nice features, but there were two things that made me decided to return it:

  • Marvelous - Finally something that works!

    I am a retired nurse and after midlife changes took place for me, I found myself putting on weight,putting on over 40 pounds and unable to shed them. I was also feeling tired even after a good nights sleep. Came across the Real Dose Website and thought I would give it a try. What would be the harm to try it for a month? I figured if no results in the first month then I would stop. Well it worked! I hadn't even started increasing my activity before I noticed a difference. I lost a total of 30 pounds over the first three months, started to increase my activity by walking three miles weekly, and changed my eating habits. I am now working on dropping the last few pounds. I wake up with energy, refreshed and ready to face the day. So glad to find something that isn't harmful to me and works well!

  • A. Drake - Love it!

    You just can't go wrong with Aveeno. Their lotions are excellent and work to combat dryness but are never greasy, stain or leave a residue. I purchase these on Subscribe and Save because I love the additional discount. Highly recommended!

  • darla floyd - McAfee product

    It was so confusing with the card. I was expecting a disc. Wouldnt let me use it. Kept saying it needed a password. Tried to call McAfee kept getting people not with McAfee It was useless to me..

  • Barbara Steffensen - Doesn't seem to work

    I bought this because it said it'll bring your veneers back to how they were when new. Well, it doesn't. Been using the toothpaste and accelerator for about 3 weeks and absoltely nothing has happened. They're just white but nothing like when I first had them done.....