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  • Sharon E. Harvey - Absolutely amazing!!

    I took my first dose of DE on Monday, September 28, and within two days I began to feel relief from the arthritic pain in my right-hand middle finger, but more amazing was the reduced pain in my right hip. I felt so good that I was able to go for a short run, which I hadn't done for several months. It is now Friday, October 2, and I continue to be pain-free in my hip even on this cold and rainy day when I would usually be in pain. My daily dose has been two tbsp in 5 ozs. of cold water in the morning before I have coffee. I have increased energy and noticed a decrease appetite. I look forward to experiencing many other benefits derived from taking DE.

  • Whaticrave - I think I finally found my eye cream!!!

    Very nice consistency and smell of cucumber makes this eye cream stand out and I love love love it!!!!!!! I have purchased so many eye gels, creams, serums that I really hate to think about it, but this one really impressed me. It is something I look forward to doing and using in the morning, it feels so refreshing and is packed with natural ingredients and organic infusions that are amazing and not animal tested. They also back this all up with a risk free money-back gaurantee!!!!! So....What are you waiting for?????? Buy Now!!!!

  • Daniel I. Neukom - Autocourse 2014-2015 impresses again

    Great book, as usual. The essays on Ferrari's woes, Mercedes's design, and the Nico-Lewis rivalry were fascinating and detailed. More statistics by David Hayhoe would have made it 5 stars. Also disappointed the results of the Nov. WEC race were not included. Otherwise, top-notch effort.