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  • Gina - Great TV!

    I love this tv. Reading all the reviews made me a bit nervous because some were very picky. But the price is good and the picture is outstanding. There were complaints about the remote that do not make sense. It works perfectly fine. You can also use a universal remote if you prefer.

  • Stitches - Doesn't cause me to break out, amazing !

    I'm a 50+ y.o. nurse and tend to be skeptical about over the counter anti-aging skin products. On occasion when I've given in to my vanity and bought one, I usually have to discontinue it because they give me pimples. The last one I used from Sephora's Philosophy, Help Me, didn't break me out, but didn't seem to "help" either.

  • B Franklin - Great as a computer monitor

    Great computer monitor, very little calibration actually needed out of the box. Works great for large spreadsheet applications but also plays games just fine. Played Witcher 3 4k, Dirty Bomb 4k and custom ultrawide resolution, Doom 3, etc... All ran great using an overclocked 980 TI. Basically no input lag and very little motion blur. Did have some bad looking clipping on occassion when vsync was off during 1st person shooters but nothing I can't forgive.


    I felt this movie was more of a 2.5 than 3. I felt like the potential was there, but the characters were actually a bit of an annoyance. Kirsten Wiig's character was just over the top, but not in a fun way. She got annoying. She self abased constantly, and for long after it was meant to be funny. In once scene she is fired for showing she believes in ghost while trying to land a prestigious position at an acclaimed University. She is carrying a box of her stuff and "explaining" to everyone she passes in the hallway, students too, that she is just doing this or that with her box of goods. She humbly mumbles, and not with a few people, but everyone in the hall (about 10 people or more). By the time she reached the end of the hall, the joke was over...around with the 2nd or 3rd person. But on and on they kept her going. And this was how she was throughout the film. Incrediby annoying... This movie couldn't get out of it's own way on comic timing and knowing how not to overdo a scene. The brains, Kate McKinnon, was SO OVER THE TOP annoying that it was hard to listen to her. She spoke in the weirdest way and it did not lend to her being the brains of the outfit at all. Not even in a mad scientist sort of way. Melissa McCarthy was the character I felt carried the others the most. I was even excited to see Chris Hemsworth play a funny role, but they made him beyond stupid, and he was completely unbelievable as that. He was the Rick Moranis in this...except Rick Moranis was funny. He could get his character across in a way that was hilarious. Chris I think was made to act stupid and I think he just didn't pull it off...although he tried. Maybe part of it was the script, because he really didn't add to the team. In the original Ghostbusters, every character that came on the team became an integral part of it. I know they had acting greats in the first one, and maybe that is why we are spoiled. The nicest thing about this was all the cameos with the originals that made us really MISS the original movie. Seeing the ones who were in a great first version, we realized how sorely lacking this one was.

  • Lori - amazing

    I only had the wood floors for about 2 years and they looked like they were over 10 years old. Finish was very dull and looked worn. I had someone come and refinish it for me and he told me that I was actually stripping the finish off when I was using the "wood floor cleaners" products that I would buy at the store. He recommended to me that I use the Bona-X and nothing else and I would see a big difference. It has been almost 5 years now and my floors still look like he just refinish them. You need to use the microfiber mop cover which they call it the micro-plus cover on the amazon. I'm sure if you go on the internet, you will find the mop to use this. I highly recommend this product. I got a spray bottle and just refill it that way as it is easier and lighter to carry and it doesn't take much to do your floors. Never leaves it dull anymore and it really does a great job cleaning dirt off. Amazon got a good price for this product.

  • Rence - Great look on a budget!

    I was very hapy with the results of this product. The DVD instructions were very helpful. The key is in the prep work. The instructions tell you to steel wool the couter before priming, but I would recommend sanding with 180 or 220 grit sand paper for better adhesion. It seems to be pretty durable but anything that you paint on will not be as durable as the original surface. One kit will probably cover 2/3 of what the package tells you.

  • R. Weimerskirch - Probably the best you can get in this price range, which is not very good

    This is a tough one. You can't expect a whole lot out of a tv mount that's less than $30. And it probably exceeded my expectations. It does not deserve it's current rating on amazon simply because anybody wanting a 4 or 5 star wall mount needs to look at pricier models. A $70-$80 sanus will get you a solid, stable mount that instills a confidence in the user that it will not flex, bend, or rip out of the wall at it's anchoring point with normal use throughout its specified load range. It will articulate freely but in slow, controlled motions. The videosecu is not a sanus or even a rocketfish, not even close. You're not paying for a strong, fluid mount, and you will not get one. You will get a mount that will, if installed properly to the center of a stud (with all bolts properly torqued, not under or overtightened), hold your tv to the wall, flex a small amount (1/8"-1/4" with the arm extended), and tilt to one side (about 1/4", but you can compensate for most of this when installing the wall plate). Its articulation is clumsy and stiff when bolts are torqued enough to prevent joint play and just clumsy when bolts are loose, so you'll have to try to adjust the tv to its final position before tightening everything up.