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  • Will - Opened the deck, shuffled and beat my friend 3 ...

    Opened the deck, shuffled and beat my friend 3 times until he said enough's enough. I haven played in 13 years, this deck has it all.

  • brooke - Good balls for my novice husband

    Yup, I gave my husband balls. He came home from work one day and told me he needed to buy golf clubs and balls because he had to participate in a tournament with his colleagues. He's NEVER played golf in his life, so this was so bizarre! I bought him these balls, knowing half of them would go lost or end up in a pond somewhere. When they arrived I checked them out, and they seemed to be excellent quality. Whenever he loses all of them on the course, because I can guarantee you with his lack of golf skills he sure will, I'll happily buy him more. ;-)

  • DreamerNorth - Stops Itching and Skin's Reaction Immediately

    Best product when you run into an outbreak of poison ivy/poison oak. Researched and tried a variety of products. By far this one worked to shorten and subdue the skin's reaction, to the poison, once it had started to show and worsen. It is expensive and a very small tube, but I didn't want to suffer with the skin outbreak worsening or remaining longer than necessary. I ended up having to order another tube because my skin's delayed reaction lasted for about two weeks, in various spots on my body. Do remember the skin's reaction is not contagious or continue to spread. The outbreak is from the initial contact. You have to make sure you clean all things that came into contact with the poison, usually from your hands/fingers. Tools, clothes, keys, phone, door knobs, etc.........The price and quick shipping on Amazon was the best around!

  • Polly - The perfect plates for any occasion

    This ia great product at a great price. I ordered the 48 plates in pack of ten and got exactly that. I can never have enough paper plates at my house we have four children and they have seven of our grandchildren which are always hungry when they get to grandmas and with that many peopke here we need something that keeps me from standing at the sink washing dishes all day. These are great they have soak proof and sturdy enough for the food not to bend the plates when being carried. I put them in the cabinet and they go fast. They are 8 1/2 inches the perfect size for portioning out food.