Review: - The Bone Clinic - Osteoporosis Treatment - View - The Bone Clinic is a new concept health service designed exclusively to fill a void in ongoing care to provide peace of mind for sufferers of osteoporosis and

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  • Annabelle - Great Value

    Great source of content, although it is quickly dated. There is also an online version that is always current. Inside the book is a code to access everything on the website as well. Great value!

  • ron jackson - ringo the rocker

    ringos good at making you feel young again classic songs really classy material all the old standards are so good to hear very good album hats off to ringo again

  • fluffer - Don't bother, not worth defiling your car...

    Ok, they look good once on, but the back ones require drilling into the car as the holes don't match.

  • Amazon Customer - The antenna works great and it looks nice on the vehicle

    I only purchased this antenna because a local car wash chain always took off my stock antenna from my Dodge Ram truck. Now that I have received and installed the "Stubby" this has no longer become a hassle. The antenna works great and it looks nice on the vehicle.

  • Tino Quiñones - Almost the perfect case.

    It's almost the perfect case, but the leather is a bit large. I've compared it to other larger cases and this one is s lot better in many ways and the TPU case fits my GS7e perfect.

  • Lisa - Save yourself the headache...these oils are TERRIBLE smelling!!!

    I don't like giving bad reviews...but this has to be the worst smelling essential oils I have ever tried..I have smelled and own probably 20 or more companies oils and these I can not even recognize the scent on in the peppermint. The lavender does smell close to other lavenders I have tried. The rest I can't say a single good thing about them!! The labels are very hare to read (even with my glasses on) because the coloring does not stand out enough. Many of the companies oils I have or have tried have the GC/MS reports so you KNOW you are getting a pure oil...these oils smell NOTHING like those oils but instead have a strong chemical odor!! If you are new to oils and don't know much about what to get, do your homework..these oils are nothing I would recommend and probably will dump them out they are so bad!!! Save yourself the money and hassle...and am dumbfounded how ANYONE has given this company good reviews...I am being honest, these oils are trash!!!

  • DoggyDaddy - Separate the Modem from the Wireless!

    While this modem does provide better routing features than many wireless gateways do, its still lacking compared to having two standalone products. The main issue is that you can NOT upgrade your firmware, and so as I am experiencing problems with periodic wireless drop-outs (especially when it is set to N instead of restricting to B/G)...there is no re-course to fix it. Also missing is any ability to re-point your DNS (I like to use either OpenDNS or Google's) and I like to restrict access by MAC address...and there are limited slots for that (if I have a visitor with a laptop, I usually end up disabling the wireless on one of our Wiis).