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  • Cheryl - Peeled everything on my feet and ankles and when all was said and done, my heels were still rough!

    OH MY GOSH! If you want your feet to peel, this is the product for you...your feet, your toes, your ankles...anything that the plastic touches. I bought this product because the skin on my heels and the balls of my feet were rough. I have small feet and the plastic foot bags they give you are huge. Because of that, they went up a little bit more on my ankles. There was a mild burning sensation when I had the plastic bags on my feet, but it wasn't too bad. But...then...after a few days, my feet started peeling horribly, it was very embarrassing. The top of my foot turned like a weird brown color and started peeling just as if it had gotten sunburned, then turned to tan, then started peeling. They say not to pick at the peeling skin, but I had to otherwise, there would have been big sheets of skin hanging off my feet. It was really disgusting. The peeling lasted at least 2 weeks and when it was all said and done, the rough skin on my heels and balls of my feet was still rough! I don't think that it helped and it was much more of an investment in time and annoyance than I wanted. If you do try it, do it at least 2, maybe even 3 weeks before it matters what your feet look like because you are going to want to hide them!

  • Wally - Argh !

    I wrote a report on this book last semester . My roommate failed to tell me he had the Cliffs ! Can you believe that ? Thanks , Brad !

  • Yvonne Harris - This same bottle that I had bought at lease ten maybe fifteen years still worked fine. So I know it has lasted all this ...

    I bought this Dry Kwik nail many years ago and I forgot about. I recently found it and started using it about a month ago. This same bottle that I had bought at lease ten maybe fifteen years still worked fine. So I know it has lasted all this time. I could hardly believe it. Sally Hansen's Dryi Kwik nail polish really works, and I am so happy to have found it again! I ordered a new bottle and I am waiting for it to come. Thank you Sally Hansen for this product please don't stop making this product. I will be buying it again so I can stock up on it and have plenty on hand.

  • Clinton Fisher - Pleased

    Beautiful monitor! To be honest i might be behind the loop as i haven't bought a PC monitor since 2006 (which was a top of the line model back then). It was really starting to show its age and the fact that it was 720p. I wanted something that looked a little more crisp and this monitor has certainly filled that purpose. Only had it so far for 4-5 hours but I feel very satisfied with the purchase!

  • Jennifer - Not the best

    It works alright.. not my favorite Fekkai shampoo, doesn't really lather up well but I just wanted to text it out. I prefer the moisturizing one or the protein rx reparative!