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  • Gems - The Best Serum!

    Love this product on how soft my hair is afterwards and how easily I can manage my hair and how great it smells! You don't need to use a lot in order to receive the best results. Just a small amount on the palm of your hand and rubbing it on your hand before transferring it onto the ends and hair follicles will do well. Not getting it on your scalp to prevent from receiving oily hair (at least for me). I have used it and have blown dry my hair straight to not using the blow dryer and just applying it while my hair was still damp and allowing it to dry naturally and both times my hair turned out fine.

  • Richard J. Andrews Jr. - Like it, but overpriced

    Since it's hard to find a review on this thing I decided to write one also. MIDWESTGUY, has a pretty good review and I agree with it completely except that he used it in 5 days. Unless he is overweight that seems a little fast to use it, regardless the product will go fast. Suggested Use { Adults, mix two scoops in water or juice per 100 pounds of body wight. 1 to 2 times daily}

  • Barbara B - This downloaded easily and is exactly what I needed

    This downloaded easily and is exactly what I needed. I actually paid extra for the older (2014) version than the new 2015 because all the reviews said the 'classic view' was gone in 2015. I have since worked on 2015 and the graphics are actually much easier on the eyes if you are drawing for a long time. Lots of great new features that save time.

  • L. Erley - I'm ashamed...

    ...to admit that I actually purchased one of these, and have been using it for 2 months. I have observed absolutely NO effects (good or bad) since sleeping on this mat.