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    I bought this oil to replace the previous tea tree oil I used to treat my dandruff. I thought it sounded like a good idea, since I have sensitive skin and it has aloe vera in it but I was WRONG. My scalp became incredibly itchy and flaky, and this has persisted for a week so far no matter what I try to fix it. At first I thought that I was just having a reaction due to my sensitive skin, but then I looked up some of the ingredients. It turns out that eucalyptus oil (which is in this) shouldn't go on your skin at all, even if it's not sensitive! Don't buy this product--the chances of you having a reaction like mine are way too high.

  • Carisa - Perfect!

    Delicious and packed with all the right ingredients...echinacea, vitamin C and zinc. I can give these to my kids in addition to their multi and they love them!

  • MPetro - Better than I expected!

    I bought this glue to glue down some tiles on our bathroom floor that have popped up! It was simple and easy to use, dried quickly although it was a little messy. The directions say it will triple in size and they are not kidding! The directions also say to place something heavy to act as a vice if you can't use a vice. I followed these directions and well, basically glued a brick to the floor on top of the tile. Seemed like a major failure but, we were able to get the brick off and scrape away the excess glue without any of the tiles popping back off. Just be more careful than I was with this stuff!!! Lesson learned...

  • Christopher Rodriguez - Buy half a size larger than you normally would

    For those reading this. I highly advise that you buy this sneaker about half a size larger than you normally would. Shoe fits perfectly nice and comfortable. But the toe area is supper snug. I spend about 16 hours a day 5 days a week in these shoes. And my feet dont ache at all. Def worth the price.

  • Craig Helenbart - A good book and start of a series.

    A good story to start a series about space exploration and a possible interstellar war while aboard an alien starship. It introduced the main characters and how they got to be there. This book is similar to others, but with a few new twists. There were a few places where I thought the story did not follow a logical or reasonable course (which is why I only gave it four stars), but otherwise I enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book about a person who gets put into a position of leadership, makes some mistakes, and then tries to correct them and save the day. I would recommend this book to you.

  • M Family - Feel and "SMELL" great on skin!

    I never heard of this brand (Avalon Organics) before but my friend suggest that I switch to organic fruit base beauty product. She told me about Juice Beauty, a brand that is too costly for me. I found Avalon organics as an alternative. I've used variety of facial cream to include Clinique's dramatically different, Olay and ProActiv and so far, Avalon is my most favorite! The thick, white, soft cream smells fresh just like orange and it feels so fresh, so good on my face. No sticky, yucky, feelin. After just little bit over a week of use, I can see the improvement in my skin, what a great product for the price!