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  • Richard A - Live in a dry climate?

    This pink magic potion feels SOOO good when applied to my dry face....I live in a dry climate and this makes my face and neck feel very moist.

  • clara - I personally love this product

    I personally love this product. For my hair, as well as my extensions, it does pretty much what it says, helps keeping the hair soft and straight. As a side note, my hair is really fine and frizzy and it does help giving it shape and keeping it straight by adding some texture. I have 2 other Osis products, the Flatliner and the Upload volume cream. They are both exactly what they are supposed to be as well, so I think most of this range does a pretty good job! I will purchase again

  • Monique Reviews - Good Taste and Mixes Well

    Bought the cookies and cream to mix up my supplements. The taste is great and the nutritional profile looks good. I wish it had more protein per scoop but it's not bad. I mix it up in a shaker cup with water and it mixes well. Great for if our on the run. I would buy again.

  • Review Master - Over a dozen crashes in the first few days of use. Total JUNK!

    Terrible. This program crashes multiple times a day, causing massive frustration. I am using a new HP laptop with the dual I7 processor. This computer is plenty fast to handle this program but it has been a huge waste of money. You get what you pay for. I just downloaded Adobe Premier. I would love to be able to return this POS program for a full refund. Huge waste of time and money.

  • Derek - Also fit 06-10 model

    Took a risk and got these for my 07 charger knowing they were not meant for my model, but figured it would be fine if they only slightly didn't fit. Happy to post that they fit excellent!

  • zured - Amazing product.

    If you don't have one these, then you must be having a hell of a time. This thing makes bowel movements a breeze. This is how the whole world went to the can before the moden western toilet. Who knows what diseases you could possibly prevent with this.

  • kamrul hasan - Good product for Developer and Admins

    Right product with all Enterprise version functonality. Good product for Developer and Admins to learn new features. Great product. Thanks.